poor kitties–but they are fine now

we were trying to save money by buying hartz flea medicine at wal-mart instead of going to the vet for advantage. little did we know what would happen to our cats! we put it on them, and a few hours later they seemed fine, but the next morning they were both twitchy and acting wierd. they were hiding and trying to get the medicine off. we gave them both baths, and then i was going to look up the website to send hartz a letter and found out how many other people have had this experience! they seem fine now, they are both dry and taking a nap on the bed. their ears are still twitching a little, i don’t know if it is because of the medicine’s effects or because they don’t like the water, but as of now, it seems like they will be okay. we had a scare! and next time we are definitely going to the vet to get advantage again, which has worked before on these cats with no adverse effects.

Gomer was real sick

I put Hartz flea and tick drops on my male cat Gomer last night. This morning I woke up and he was going crazy. He was shaking and could not stand up. I could tell something was wrong with his nervous system. I called the Vet. He told staight out it was the Hartz flea drops that cause the reaction. He said to wash my cat bring him staight in for an IV. Which I did. I did not even know this website existed until this morning when I was trying to reading up on the subject. So far the Vet has given me a good report. I can pick Gomer up tomorrow morning. But I feel so guilty giving my cat Hartz. I know I am a luck owner. I have read several of this stories that were not as lucky.

My kitten almost died

I can’t believe I was stupid enough to by this stuff. I have been using revolution for a couple of years now but since this was an outside cat ..by choice.. I decided to use an otc flea product. BIG MISTAKE..I put this stuff on the kitten and it wasn’t 10 minutes later this kitten couldn’t hardly walk..it couldn’t eat or drink, it was lathargic. I brought him in and hoped it would make it thru the night so I could take him to the vet first thing in the a.m. I was lucky ,Brett (the kitten) did make it but it was a night I never want to go thru again. I have given Brett a bath and am keeping him in with me until he gets over this. The vet gave him a capstar tablet, it kills fleas and ticks instantly and told me to wait at least 2 weeks before applying revolution, which I might add kills fleas, ticks,ear mites and worms. I’ll never use another otc flea and tick product again.

my cat seriously poisoned by Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops

Sunday night my mom applied the Hartz drops to my cats back. The next morning I went to check on the cat before I left for work and he was in the bedroom having a seizure and constantly twitching. I immediately took him to the vet and while i was waiting he had another seizure and after they took him back another one. They had to give him diazepam and some other medicine to control the twitching and seizures. He was over 10 lbs as the drops indicated. As soon as I took the cat in, he was in the kennel and the doctor looked at him and immediately asked had I applied the Hartz flea drops. He spent 1 full night at the vet and is home not but still doesn’t act like he is feeling well because his third eyelid is covering most of his eyes. Please no one use this stuff and let everyone you know, know about this.


hartz nearly killed my cat

Our cat, Eminem, got really sick after we used the Hartz flea and tick spray for cats. For two days he couldn’t eat or drink anything, by the second day he couldn’t even stand up without falling over.He cried anytime anyone touched him or picked him up.The vet had too put him on antibiotics, morphine and two IV’s for the dehydration caused.I called the 1-800 number on the back of the HARTZ product- they said it sounded like I overdosed him. I only used half of the recommended dose for his size. Its time for Hartz to admit their product is not safe. do they use this on their own animals?