Cat Reacts to 3-in-1 Drops: lucky outcome

Yesterday afternoon, I put Hartz 3-in-1 Flea and Tick Drops on my cat according to the package directions. As I was preparing for bed, I noticed that she was having difficulty walking; her front paws especially were shaking and she was standing with one paw raised, looking puzzled. Picking her up, I noticed that she was trembling violently and non-stop, especially her head and upper body. Her eyes were rapidly blinking and her pupils were fully dilated. Her jaw was tight.

I realized she must be reacting to the flea drops as there was nothing else in the house she could have gotten into. I took her into the bathroom and attempted to wash her neck and shoulder area to remove the poison but she began having thrashing seizures, probably from fear. I wrapped her in a towel, soothed her, and put her in a box and left her alone to calm down for a few minutes while I did a quick google on the Hartz drops. I found your site, along with many others — and immediately called the emergency veterinary hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at half past midnight and the cat was given IV Valium, methocarbanol (sp?) and bathed. The vet said poisoning by Hartz products is horribly common and they treat dogs and cats for it there all the time.

As I simply could not afford the $1500. to leave her overnight for IV hydration, I had to bring her home with Robaxin, a muscle relaxant, to be given every eight hours, and hope everything would be okay until I could see the regular vet on Monday. All that didn’t stop her tremors, which were now affecting her entire body. She didn’t understand what was going on and why her body wouldn’t do what she wanted it to — she kept trying to get out of the box I had for her and falling over — so I stayed up until 5 a.m. holding her wrapped in a towel and soothing her while letting her drink huge amounts of water from a coffee mug, the only way she could manage to drink. I finally had to sleep and tucked her into the box once more, closing her in the bathroom to keep her safe.

When I got up at 9, I was honestly afraid to open the bathroom door. But the cat must have a guardian angel, because she was no longer trembling and could walk quite well. She’s a little rocky, which may be the Valium and muscle relaxants — and she managed to take a tumble down the stairs by not realizing they were there, but she picked herself up at the bottom and went to the kitchen to eat. She occasionally stumbles if she tries to go too fast, but otherwise her motor skills seem pretty good. She isn’t acting herself — she seems confused and is walking all over the house meowing. She rarely if ever meows, so I’m keeping an eye on that even though it doesn’t seem to be a pain or worry meow.

I realize that my story seems to be having a happy ending (“knock wood”), compared to so many others’ here, and I’m very grateful for that. But the poor cat went through hell and isn’t through it yet. I’m also out several hundred dollars that I can ill afford and spent a long, worried night.

I am LIVID that Hartz Mountain keeps this product on the market knowing how dangerous it is. I understand corporate greed, much as I despise it, but I’m even more angry that the EPA and whoever else regulates the pet care industry hasn’t banned the product and slapped Hartz with fines. I don’t understand why stores that advertise as being extremely pet-concerned and pet-friendly continue to carry Hartz products.

I will make the appropriate complaints tomorrow in an effort to make Hartz accountable, not only to me, but to everyone who has lost a pet or had a pet suffer needlessly.

Pray for Shadow

As I type it has been 9 hours since I stupidly applied Hartz 4 in 1 Flea and Tick Drops Plus. I adopted my 10 month old from the shelter one week ago and was able to bring him home only two days ago. I feel like a rotten parent to my baby. I had no idea that Hartz was what it is. My family has always used Advantage or Frontline, but I went the cheap and easier route today. Big mistake! My little Shadow (yes, that’s how he got his name, because he follows me non-stop) is now shaking like crazy and has been for about 6 hours. Hartz told me he was seizuring and to rush him to a vet. Totally not even sympathetic at all. I called our emergecy line to our vet and thankfully he called me right back. He said there was nothing he could do to make Shadow better and that it would probably get worse before it gets any better. “Good ol’ Hartz” he kept saying. It just has to run its course. I had no idea that it was dangerous. I can’t believe that they can still sell it or anything for that matter! Shadow isnt out of the woods yet, but I’m thankful for finding this site. I want to do something! This isn’t right! He is my child! I never want to see him in so much anguish ever ever again!!!

[email protected]

Flea collar reaction

Last month we discovered we had a flea problem. I was between jobs and had 5 cats and a dog to buy treatment for. So we purchased Hartz products for all. Now I know someone stated that a reaction wouldn’t take long to see. I beg to differ. My cats are indoor cats. They had not been exposed to toxins, sick cats, etc. Two of my cats are now suffering allergic reactions…a month after treatment!!!!!!!!! They had the Hartz collars. Missy, my son’s cat, is having difficulty breathing and is coughing…almost like a bad cold. Lightening, my baby that I nearly lost when he was born, is also showing symptoms. All collars were removed and all are in the process of a good bath. I expect by the end of the night Missy will be at the vet. And if it’s found that Hartz products are the culprit, you can bet your life I will be recouping costs from this company. Why wait to stop production? The minute they knew they’re product was lethal it should have been removed from shelves. Heck, Graco removes infant products immediately when they learn they are dangerous. Apparently Hartz feels our furbabies are expendable? Missy is now breathing a little easier, but I’m going to be up all night. There really is no other explanation for what is happening to her. Thanks Hartz. You suck!

Severly Sick Kitten

My cat Stormie, six months old, became severly sick today.

Now, Stormie got fleas at the animal hospital when she got fixed- or from the outside kittens- either way- it doesn’t really matter.We got the Hartz drops because they were only $7.00 compared to Advantage drops which were $45.00. Last month we put the drops on her and the outside kittens and there was no obvious problems. Last night I noticed Stormie’s fleas were back with a vengence. It creeped me out so I figured it was time to reapply the medicine.

I put it on her and almost immediatly she seemed less active. The rest of the night she just layed around and at any sounds she would jump. I kind of figured she was just mad at me because I wouldn’t let her lay with me on the couch. This morning however I came to find her hiding in the kitchen with drool dripping from her chin and a haunted look in her eyes. She didn’t recognize me at first and freaked out when I tried to touch her. Upon watching her for a couple seconds we discovered she was also having muscle tremmors.

We immediatly washed off as much of the medicine as we could and then called the emergency Vet’s. It would seem the receptionist has had many of these complaits because she was outraged. She explained that those drops have been causing death and brain damage as well as many other severe symtoms in both cats and dogs. She said if we bring her in there is nothing they can do except wash her and keep her for observation- This costs $300.

She suggested we keep an eye on her and wash her ourselves. So that’s what we did. We washed her and she didn’t put up a fight- which was weird… By this time she was having full body tremmors. It was horrible, I was sure she was going to die. She had no strength if you put the tiniest pressure on her side she would fall over. And she just kept shaking, and shaking.

We went out and got her some moist cat food because she hasn’t eaten all day. I got her to eat part of it and I have been forcing her to drink some water. It has seemed to help because she has been walking (and I stress walking – more like drunken walking) around the room and doesn’t fall over anymore.

Actually at this exact moment she is slowly climbing up into the chair. She still has no strength and is still tremmoring although not nearly as violently. my dad thinks she has gone through the worst of it but, it could possibly go back down again.

All I can say is Hartz WILL pay for the deaths of those animals and I will do everything in my power to make sure no other pet will suffer like this. Tell everyone you know who uses the Hartz flea medicine- drops collars or otherwise, or is thinking about using them to stop immediatly. This is not just one case in fact there are several petitions and websites dedicated to getting them off the shelves.

very sick puppy

After looking over this web site, I decided I must tell my story. We haven’t had a dog since we had to put our “Josie” to sleep in 1995. She was a part of our family for 14 years. Then last December we had to put our 12 year old cat to sleep as well. For pet lovers, you know how hard it is when your animals have to go. Anyway, we just got to the point we thought it was time to have another animal. Our search began. We decided we wanted another Australina Shepherd. We found this beautiful 8 week old blue mearle australian that melted our hearts. We met the breeder half way between our homes. When we got there she had him wrapped up in a towel because she had bathed him before she left home. We instantly fell in love with this little guy. I’ll try and make this long story short. This was on Sunday, August 14, 2005. We drove back to KC with him and he slept in his crate all the way home. He seemed to be a little nervous and kept wanting to drink a lot. And of course that led to “tinkling” a lot. The first two nights he slept all through the night. Not a sound. Unusual for a new puppy in a new home. We both work during the day, so he is kenneled in the basement with his toys, food, water etc. Day 3 he seemed to be a little more active, chewing onhis teddy bear wanting to play a little. But, that evening after taking him outside on the deck he began to act a little strange. This was within an hours time the unthinkable began to happen. He first of all kept drinking. Then he started wandering around the perimeter of the inside of our house. He wouldn’t stop. My husband was becoming very concerned. I picked him up and tried to settle him down. While I was holding him I noticed he was drooling. I’m talking fill up my hand, like he had a water hose in his mouth. I immediately called the emergency room and we were on our way. By the time (15 min.) it took us to get there he had detereated much more. The vet came in and was astonished. We watched him try to walk around the room. Staying by the walls only. Not only was he drooling and acting lost and confused we noticed he acted like he couldn’t see. The vet took her finger and touched both of his eyes. No response for Buddy. She knew it had to be something neurological. She called another vet with more experience for advice. Of course they both agreed he had gotten in to something toxic, which we knew wasn’t a possiblity. We work, so during the day he is in a kennel, when we get home he doesn’t leave our side. “Never” They were pretty sure what ever it was. was attacking his brain and spianl cord. They gave him a strong shot of steroids, some charcoal and a very strong antibioic and kept him over night. When we picked him up the next morning she still wan’t sure what the outcome would be. But through many prayers and the fast action of the emergency room he is much better. The reason I am writing this, is because after speaking with my daughter in Viginia she told me about the Hartz product problems. She said, “Mom call the breeder and find out what she used on Buddy.” Guess what she used? Hartz two in One Flea and Tick Shampoo. We now relize our Buddy was sick the day we picked him up. We have a follow up appointment with a vet this morning. He comes highly recommended. I am hoping he will know about all of this and confirm our thoughts. Hartz amost killed our new puppy. My husband and I have spent around the clock watching and caring for Buddy since this happened. Yesterday evening he was like a different animal. Running, jumping, playing with toys and chasing us around the yard. He even looks like he has gained weight. A fat little fur ball. I write this letter hoping it brings some more awarness to animal lovers. As you see, most of the stories are about kittens and cats. The one thing I think, is our puppy was the littlest one of the litter. That may have had something to do as to the way it affected him. I have been in contact with the breeder and she has called me several times. Very concernd. I have made her aware of what we think has happend. I told her I would send her the web site and she could read all of this as well. Thank goodness the rest of her puppies are ok. She was going to contact everyone that got one of them. Thank you to all who have related your stories and helped new pet owners figure out what happend to their animals. Thank God our Buddy is going to be fine. I will never ever buy any product made by Hartz. I don’t know how they sleep at night. Good luck to all who have had to experience anything like this and God Bless our animals, for they bring us so much joy and love in a world that is sometimes so harsh.

3 in 1 fleas spray

My Birman seal point kitten Orion was born on the 28th of Feburary of this year, had a flea on him the other day. So I go online to order some Advantage. But, it was going to take 7-10 business days for delivery. So I thought what the heck; I’ll pick up some fleas stuff to kill whats on him now and treat him with the Advantage when I get it. So I pick up this bottle of Hartz “3-in-1 fleas Spray” kills any existing adult fleas in 5 to 10 minutes. You guys know the lines. So I bring it home and Spray Orion with this stuff. Leaves a manageable coat my a**! I thought he just looks all greasy now. So I wipe him down like it said. Just then he turns his head and licks himself, and that was it… He starts FOAMING at the mouth. Then he makes this rasping, gagging sound that I have never heard from him before. So I run over to him and he bolts upstairs and corners himself under the bed. So I pull him out and his leg is twitching, and he is dry heaving. I carry him downstairs and pick up the bottle to look at the label again. Then I see it…Its has one of those pull-out labels that has more information. I open it up and it has all these warnings. Immediately I think, “My god what is this?!” and this folded list of warnings is revealed. “Atropine it the antidote…” “ANTIDOTE?!” I yell. “Caution should be used before using ANY pesticide on animals…” Okay…Now I’m freaking out. I put him down on the kitchen floor and his head is starting to twitch now and moving around uncontrollably. I thought “forgot this man…” So I take him to the tub and rinse him off. He wasn’t very happy about that, but it had to be done. I dry him off and he still smells of this garbage, and he is still twitching…He was still twitching….I stick him back in the tub and bolt dowstair in a panic and get the dishwashing soap from the sink and scrub this poison off of him. His coat comes back to normal. But for two days he wouldn’t eat. I fed him by hand and he would vomit. Took him to the vet and he said they get a lot of problems with their products. As long as he keeps drinking water and slowly eating again he should come back around. What a nightmare, how this stuff legal?! Suing these Dr.Mengele’s would be taking it easy…


Hello, I am just sick about this. I used the Hartz Flea&Tick spray on my daughters cat and she had a seizuer and died! It was horried to see I am still shaken over this and don’t know how to tell my daughter. I was frantic, shook the cat, rubbed her and nothing. Callie was fine then 10 minutes later I had her jumping out of my arms crying and going into convulstion oh I cant get this out of my head, I feel just sick then having to bury her was agony, I was watching to see her spring to her feet and nothing. How could this happen?

lost my munchkin

I used the Hartz flea and tick drops on my 4 month old non-standard Munchkin.
Just like everyone else, I lost her. It was not a pretty sight. She actually went into seizures, and the vet did everything she could for her. while I was in the emergency room with her, another family came in with the same problem. I feel its a little late for everyone who has lost their beloved pets, and I feel Hartz should do more than they are doing. I even sent an e-mail to GMA to see what they could do.
I stayed at the hospital and held her while she was put down.
they even told me that there was alot of this happening.
Vicki Tuggle

Its not right

my name is carol rolfe I live in Calgary Alberta Canada and I am writing to let you all know that on Augest 17/2005 I end up puting 2 of my kittens that are more like my kids than my pets doto hartz flea coller what gets me that its surpose to kill flees not animals.I would like to know one thing how can people like hartz sale something that is going to hurt the ones you love.

This Site Saved My Cat’s Life

I bought a Hartz Advanced Care 2 in 1 Reflecting Flea and Tick Collar a month ago and clipped it around my cat’s neck since she appeared to be itching from something. My cat never wears a collar since she is indoors only, and her skin becomes irritated easily with a collar on. She immediately scratched at it a bit, so I watched her closely. Within a few hours I checked her skin under the collar and noticed a bit of irritation. I will not allow anything on her that hurts her, so I immediately pulled the collar off and stashed it in a box in the cupboard. No further ill-effects were seen. I’d been thinking about buying some drops to see if that would help without causing her irritation like the collar, but I hadn’t made up my mind yet. I was also considering trying the flea collar again.
THANK GOD I FOUND THIS SITE. I would likely have gone back to Kmart and bought some other cheap flea treatment and possibly poisoned my cat to death had I not found this website and read all these horror stories. If anything ever happened to my baby, I would be in horrific agony. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Hartzvictims. You have saved my cat’s life, and undoubtedly many others. This cheap collar is going in the garbage and I will never purchase a Hartz or Zodiac product again.

Melissa Guthrie
Anaheim, CA