I poisioned my cat

I have always been a pet lover, and have always had pets. Before I started working in animal rescue I was ignorant to all the bad products out there. I was in college, living on a budget and thought I was doing something good for my pet. I saw that my beautiful Disney had some fleas and went to the local dept. store and bought some hartz spot flea treatment. After only 24 hrs I noticed he was very lethargic, then as I held him he went into seizures and was foaming at the mouth. I was horrified and did not know what was happening. I rushed him to my vet and 450 dollars later after IV fluids, steriods, exams, stablizing him,,,my vet told me he had been poisioned. Now my home has no chemicals that the animals could ever get to and I was taken aback at this diagonsis. He asked what Disney might have gotten into, or what I had fed him or put on him in the last few days. The second I mentioned the hartz flea treatment the DR told me that was what poisioned him. He had seen in hundreds of times and not all are as lucky as my Disney and lived thru the experience. He told me that when you buy cheap you get cheap quality and that hartz was crap that poisioned most of the animals that it touches. I now work for a cat rescue organization and try to educate anyone and everyone that if you have a pet, then treat it like family. If you would not bathe your child in gasoline then don’t use Hartz on your pets! This product is a killer and it baffles me how the FDA lets it still stay on the market. Please spread the word to all pet owners that this product is harmful, not helpful.

My dog is having seizures!

Yesterday I went to Petsmart and bought a bottle of the Hartz flea and tick dog spray. Last night my Oscar had a seizure. He had 2 more today. I am sickened by these people. How can they sell this stuff. I wish I knew about this website before. We took him to the vet today and they took some blood. I did not even think to mention the spray to the vet. Something needs to be done to these people who make this poison. They are murderers!!! I can only pray that my Oscar survives. I feel so guilty right now. I thought I was doing something to help my dog and now he might die because of me. You better believe that I will tell EVERYBODY I know about Hartz.

Question Please Help

Before I read any of the stuff I have read tonight I applied the 4 in 1 flea, tick plus drops on my cat. I did this last night at 7pm and he seemed fine and then like sometime tonight I noticed his tail twicking (sp) a bit and every once in a while his foot will shake. At one point when I was holding him he was shaking a bit and seemed somewhat nervouse, But he can walk he is acting normal other then that, eating fine everything else. Last year I used the 3 in 1 drops on him and he was fine that is why I assumed they would be fine this time. So do you think I am worrying for nothing? I know that I have a tendancy of thinking more about things then there is to truly be concerned about. Hope that made sense. But I felt better safe then sorry to ask. Please has someone had this happen? Or do most of the side effects happen in a faster manner then this that maybe this is something else.

Cat very sick from Hartz

My wife and I are turning our cat into an outdoor cat and we needed to get some flea repellant for our cat, Bo.

Unknowingly, we gave him some Hartz advanced “care” He became very lethargic within a day and suffered from mild tremors. MY wife, being the good mom that she is, called the vet and started looking on line to find out about this stuff.

We were stunned to read all the horror stories! We cannot believe this stuff is still on the shelves. We took Bo to the vet, got him all washed off, and he was under observation for a couple hours. He is quickly getting back to his rambunctious self.

We are pretty sure that if we did not get this stuff of him as quickly as we did, the outcome would have been far far worse.

Thanks for this web site, spreading the word about Hartz. I’d love to see this company go down in flames!


i think your a jerk

well as far as the guy saying that it is not the harts products that is doing this to your animals or that people arnt following the direction , i think he is full of it . it is a pesticide it is dangerous to animals , yes maybe all animals dont have the same reaction as some do, but it is fact that when people have called & taken there cats to the vet they all say the same thing , so dugh . ill tell ya i have used hartz produts on my cat & nothing has happaned to him at all ( thank god ) my heart goes out to the people & the animals t hat have had problems , makes me sick to my stomach actually, & i will tell you after i found this sit because a lady at a store i was in looking at flea spray ( hartz ) she said oh honey you shouldnt use hartz onur animals it is dangerous. i was shocked a have used it for years . well i read this site & my heart broke, i went down & threw all hartz products away . i was mortified that a so called trusted company for animals was killing our loving pets & its as if they dont care. well i do & i will never use them again . & i am so sorrry for evrything that you have all went through with your babys . itis a shame & they should be stopped . i dont know about all of you but my pets are my life & thay are like my children. ihave 3 dogs 2 cats one of witch just rescued that was 3 weeks old , i have been bottle feeding him, he is a a sweetie & i also have 3 birds & fish .so i am an animal lover ( to put it midley ..LOL) but good luck to all of you & your pets most of all i know it has to be heart renching for you all. i cant imagina . i know alot of these sotries i read , i cried it is terrible. down with hartz… they kill & dont care… peace & love to you all…

it’s his time…

Today is the day that my girlfriend will probably put her Boston Terrier, Spencer, to sleep. This site comes way too late for us. About eight months ago Spencer had his first seizure. Epilepsy is prone to BT’s so we never made a connection. Please note, we are still researching this and are not blaming Hartz. Spencer was put on phenilbarbatol as normal after a steroid, a CT scan (that revealed nothing major), and other tests. About two months ago Spencer went into a cluster. By the time we got him to the emergency room he had been seizuring for nearly an hour and a half (maybe longer). His temp was 106 degrees! He had been dosed with valium, glucose, and three shots of phenilbarbatol to no effect. After an IV and a cool bath, Spencer’s cluster stopped. He came home three days later, blind in his left eye and uncoordinated on his left side. He would drag his left hind leg when he walked, and could only track something (like his toy or a rawhide) by circling to the right. He still played a lot, and he still ate as normal (ravenous). A little less than two weeks ago my girlfriend applied the Hartz drops to his back. Friday night he started clustering again and we promptly took him to the emergency room. He has been in ICU for four days. This time his temp was low. he is on phen, potassium bromide, and a steroid. To stop the cluster he was dosed with PBr, three shots of Phen, valium, and glucose. Eventually his cluster stopped. Now Spencer suffers from “terrors” or “hallucinations”. He thrashes around in his kennel when they come on. For a day and a half the staff at the vet clinic have been holding him. His condition has worsened. He constantly looks over his right shoulder, his pupils are pinpointed, and he doesn’t know who any of us are (if he’s even there mentally is also an issue).

So, we have now made the decision to put him him to sleep, all for the better. Spencer just turned four years old about five months ago.

While we cannot prove that any of this was caused by the Hartz medication, I am posting this in case anyone else goes through this. With FOUR stumped vets, and a stumped neurologist, and several staff that cannot determine what is happening or why, I thought this story might help. He has not followed “typical” patterns of brain damage, tumors, tick disease, or epilepsy. His white cell count is fine and he still eats ravenously. I do not know the history of his treatment with Hartz. I just know that the latest treatment was done with Hartz and came across this site searching on keywords “seizures hallucinations dogs”. It was at the top.

Thanks for providing this site and I hope our little tragedy can help someone in the future.

Comments for people who didnt have a problem

I am one the victims (posted May 1, 2001 Hartz Flea & Tick Drops for Cats) I know the people who never had the problem with Hartz may not understand why we all find comfort in this site. I am glad your family was not hurt by this product but mine was. Maybe this will make you understand. I don’t have kids and don’t want them I love furry children they are my kids of choice. So lets assume Hartz is now Johnsons and Johnsons and has produced a new baby lotion with a good percentage of its customers coming up sick or dead. Society would not stand for it, but they do for my child of choice they say he is just an animal. I left the emergency vet as another kitty was being admitted with the same problem through the same product. That is not just normal every day reaction that is criminal neglect and no regard for animals. I you ask me the ASPCA needs to fine HARTZ. They made a profit on the suffering of innocent people. I love my kitty dearly and was so frightened that I would loose him what people like Hartz didn’t know was I had a kitty I got when I was 6 years old he passed away when I was 24 (of natural causes) I loved him so much. I morned him 3 years and then adpoted my new baby. After only 2 1/2 years I almost lost him to an evil product. I couldn’t handle that it was too soon it had only been 5 years and since I went through the loss of my first baby. I told the doctor do what ever was needed to save his life, and he did. He is again the happy healthy kitty he was before HARTZ. I am very grateful for his caring doctor.

Five kittens, and a Full-grown dog badly affected by hartz flea drops

Well, my cat had her first litter aever, and she, having fleas from hell(Can’t blame her, she was found in a crazy-cat-lady’s house.).
We waited until the package said it was safe to apply, 12 months(I think.).
We put the drops on early in the day, and the cats HATED it.
Mid-day they were acting odd, and by night, they started having petiete-mals(Zoneing out, and shaking.) . My mom was freaking out and told me to come here(Here being her doorway.)
“Look at her.”


“At her paws!”

“There… shaking?”

She and I took the cats into the bathroom and washed them thuroughly, three cats that weren’t too lucky, suffered long-term brain damage:
One meows inccesently(not a trait from before) and had odd occurances of staring at, or swiping candle fires. The other seems to suffer from a cat form of nervosa-anorexia, as she refuses to eat. The last one has sporadic twitches.
There mother seems to act the same asbefore, though, more mean.

More recently, we used this on our dog, and he had advrze, but diffrent affects.
His eyes drooped, he was lethargic. over all, looked liek he was going to die.
My father washed him, and the VERY next day, he acted like he did when he was a little puppy.

We Will never used Hartz again, And I hope that the company no longer makes flea/tick drops for animals.

DO NOT use Hartz, they WILL hurt your animal. It doesn’t matter the age or their weight, as this dog was seven years old(May be old for a dog, but he was still a randy dog.), Breed(The dog was a german shepard, the cats were solids, calicos, and allycats.), And this dog also weighed at the least 80 pounds.(Not quite sure.)

Shadow Update

My Shadow seems to have bounced back well. He and his dad were running all over our house this morning. I called Hartz when I got to work, and the lady told me that the shaking was normal and that the product wasn’t harmful. She said that it gave him a tickling sensation. I was so furious. Since I didn’t take him to the vet, I can’t get a statement saying that their product is what casued it all. I will be filing complaints to everyone I know to though.

2 Dogs React To Hartz Advanced Care 2in1 Flea & Tick Dog Spray

I purchased Hartz Advanced Care 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Dog Spray today. I sprayed both my dogs(Spot-my black & tan coonhound and Sassy-my chihuahua) with it. Within about 5-10 minutes Sassy wouldn’t sit still and kept running around shaking her head hard enough I could hear her ears hitting as she was running up and down the hall. Her tongue kept licking the air, something just wasn’t right. I grabbed the bottle to see what to do for an adverse reaction, but the label was just shredding. I grabbed her and ran to the shower. I stood in the shower with her for about 20 minutes and washed her several times with my shampoo. When I got out with her, I dried her off and she seems to be better right now. I grabbed Spot and took him to the shower next. Spot wasn’t showing any signs or symptoms of an adverse reaction till I got him in the shower and sprayed him with the water, thats when his hair started coming out and lots of it. I just kept rinsing him and washing him, but his hair was still coming out in big clumps. I called the 1-800-USA-FLEA number for Hartz but they weren’t open, so they gave another number to call for health related problems 1-888-875-1706. I spoke to a man named Paul who wanted the bar code before he would help me, the bar code was 32700 90973. Then he told me he didn’t think these symptoms were from the use of this product, and if they continued or worsened I should take them to the vet. Well DUH.. this did happen because of this product and of course I will take them to the vet if it continues or worsens. I asked him if there were any other complaints like this and he said no, not that he knew of. Hmmmm… I think he is misinformed then, and was of no help at all. Please call the health related number and inform them of the adverse effects, but remember to have your bar code or they won’t talk to you.