I can’t believe I let this happen

My family has always had animals since I can remember and all were PureBred German Shepards, Our first dog Key was a beautiful smart dog and she was always so energetic, then came Devil my sister named her that cause when she was a puppy she would nip at your heels when you walked by, and our third and most wonderfully the cutest most kindest dog I have ever laid my hands on was Nick, He always had that Dopey look in his eye and he would always cuddle with our kittens. It all started when some how our dogs had gotten fleas, so my mom had picked up some Hartz 3 in 1 flea and tick drops for them. the first time it was okay but then when we went to do the second one our dog Devil got sick and could hardly use her back legs, but after awhile she got better. Then our first dog key started to loose feeling in her back legs and it went downhill from there she wouldnt eat, she couldnt walk, she would urinate all over herself we just couldnt believe that in a month our energetic dog would look this way, the day I was suppose to take her to the vet to get put to sleep she died. 6 months later Devil lost the feeling in her legs again we didnt know how it happened…we decided we werent gonna let her suffer as long as we did Key and we took her and put her to sleep also. I could believe it 2 dogs died in less than one year we couldnt figure it out why this was happening to us. These dogs were our family I grew up with them and now there gone. Another 8 months goes by and our dog Nick got fleas again…so mom went and got some more flea medicine for him, The same kind we got the last time…we didnt find out about this happening to Cats and Dogs until 2 weeks after we put the second one on my dog Nick…at the moment right now my dog is sick because of something I failed to look at, im taking him to the vet today…i hope the vet can give him something but if he cant that will be another animal that has falling victim to this crap….but I dont blame it all on me or my family..I blame alot of it on Hartz Company…how can they sell this stuff knowing that it kills thousands of animals every year..why havent they taken this stuff off of the shelf???????? If there is a way to help take this CRAP off the counter so no more animals die or get severly sick please let me know my email is [email protected]….

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