i avoided a catastrophe

on saturday evening, august 27, 2005, i put an application of hartz flea and tick control on my ten year old cat. i felt guilty for not getting a refill of medicine from my vet, but thought ‘what the heck…..it’ll be autumn here in a month.’ within two minutes of application, my cat starting running around the yard like the medication was burning him. then he’d stop, twitch, and act like he was in a trance. i immediately got a rag and wiped the excess off his skin, but he continued to act strangely. i re-read the instructions and warnings on the label, which were very vague. i ran inside and got on the company’s website, searching for more information. on google, i found the truth. i read where thousands of people had experienced some of the same symptons with their pets. i called my emergency vet clinic, they told me to wash my cat off several times with a solution of dawn dishwashing liquid and water, making sure i rinsed him off well. then, i would need to watch him through the night and let them know if i observed any more unusual behavior. thankfully, i think i got all the medication off him in time. after spending the night watching him, he’s back to his old self.

the response of hartz does not at all surprise me. they are certainly on the list of worldwide companies that will sacrifice human and animal pain for the almighty dollar. i can’t imagine that a person with any morals or integrity would have the audacity to support their company in a matter like this. at what price does one finally sell their soul for the good of a company that would fire them in a heartbeat. i’m not going to make any rash threats about not shopping where they sell hartz products, but you can be assured that i will find out everything about hartz, their parent company, and any subsidiaries they have, and will boycott those companies.

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