Hartz flea collar poisoned my baby!!!

My husband and I purchased a Hartz flea collar two months ago. We put it on our 8 year old cat Stella. Now mind you, we followed all of the directions. I went to look on the internet to find out what in the world was going on with her. Come to find this sight, these assholes have been killing people’s pets for quite some time!!!! I mean killing! Seizures, foaming at the mouth! Horrible things. Please do not use any products involving medications without getting it from your vet. My vet said they have had animals DIE in their facility from these products! They recall the products but just continue to relabel their stuff and it gets put right back on the sheves. We need to get this stuff out of our stores. It saddens me that a company that claims to protect animals is poisoning them and does nothing about it!! They won’t pay vet bills. People are trying to put together a class action law suit, but I have not seen anything come of it! Can anyone help or give me some legal advice. I do not want payment. I want the stuff to become non existant to possible buyers. The pictures of the grey cat on the first page of this web page is exactly what I am dealing with now with Stella!. It is just heartbreaking!!!!

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