FAW-Q and your SHEE-AT

***** YOU HARTZ………..read that and read it well!!!

The people at your customer service desk don’t like my lanuage and tone? Well…..I don’t like you killing my cats, so go cry me a *****ing river.

Ya that’s right I am pissed off. We bathed our cats with this HERTZ DEATH POISON and now they are going insane. I’d prefer fleas over a dead cat any day.

Wolfshit Insane does not even begin to express the anger I am feeling right now. Not only am I pissed at the Nazis at Hartz, I am pissed at Target in Durham, North Carolina where we purchased this DEATH.

BRING IT ON!!!!! COME TO MY HOUSE!!! Contact me…… I notice that the only way to contact you cowards is to do a traceroute on your domain, http://www.hartz.com , and contact the poor tech resource who registered your domain. That is the lamest thing ever…… Show some ballz you bitches. Stick up for THAT THE FACT THAT YOU *****ED UP BIG TIME WITH THIS BULLSHIT PRODUCT.

Durham, North Carolina.

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