165lbs and killed from a shampoo

Two days ago, August 26, 2005, my cousin called me. She lives right down the road so I walked down there, she had kittens and they just all the sudden got sick, and she had used Hartz flea spray on them. They almost died. She called my husband yesterday and told him about this site she had found and asked if we had gave bruiser a bath anytime before he died and what we used. Well we had and Used HARTZ 2IN1 RID FLEA DOG SHAMPOO EPA reg no 2596-22.

My beloved puppy died on August 19, 2005. Bruiser was born on March 9, 2002. He was a Rottweiler big and healthy, weighing in at over 165 pounds. Active and loved to eat. A neighbors dog got dog lice and since bruiser always played with her I was told by my veterinarian to buy shampoo for fleas and ticks and bathe him with it just as a precaution. I thought nothing of it. (About a year ago I also had two rottweiler puppies, gave them baths also, same shampoo type.) About three days after bathing my dog, a big sore appeared on his head. I thought he was attacked by another animal since we live next to a large field with many, many trees. The sore started loosing hair and worked its way down to the very top of his shoulders, so I shaved him, little did I know the sore took up half of his head and almost completely circled his neck. This doesn?t sound like much but Bruisers neck was over 36″ around. That day bruiser started puking up white foam and just clear fluid. He wouldn?t eat, tried to but just couldn’t. I called my vet and he said that he wouldn?t treat him unless I had $600.00 down. Not having the money and thinking that bruiser would be okay through the night I was going to wait until morning and then borrow the money from my family. I woke up the next morning to my husband asking me to help him clean up a mess, he said bruiser got sick. Bruiser started pooping blood and wouldn?t do anything he acted like he had nerve damage his eyes kept rolling back and he just wasn?t the same. He wouldn?t give my baby kisses wouldn?t give anyone kisses and this is a dog that loves on anyone. I called the vet and he said the only thing he would do was put him down because he was so far gone. I thought that my dog was poisoned by one of my neighbors from the way he was acting. Little did I know that a STUPID SHAMPOO that I had bought at my local walmart killed my beloved dog I had no idea that the shampoo I bought was a pesticide I just thought it would help prevent the lice. Bruiser was my baby for over three and a half years, and now I will never get to pet him love him or talk to him because of a shampoo. Loosing bruiser was one of the hardest things I will ever have to deal with. He will always be with me.
. I had no Idea about this and I wish I would have found out earlier. I would have been able to save my baby. I would have never imagined there would be something like this on the market still. If the manufacturers know what it does why is it still for sale?

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