I poisioned my cat

I have always been a pet lover, and have always had pets. Before I started working in animal rescue I was ignorant to all the bad products out there. I was in college, living on a budget and thought I was doing something good for my pet. I saw that my beautiful Disney had some fleas and went to the local dept. store and bought some hartz spot flea treatment. After only 24 hrs I noticed he was very lethargic, then as I held him he went into seizures and was foaming at the mouth. I was horrified and did not know what was happening. I rushed him to my vet and 450 dollars later after IV fluids, steriods, exams, stablizing him,,,my vet told me he had been poisioned. Now my home has no chemicals that the animals could ever get to and I was taken aback at this diagonsis. He asked what Disney might have gotten into, or what I had fed him or put on him in the last few days. The second I mentioned the hartz flea treatment the DR told me that was what poisioned him. He had seen in hundreds of times and not all are as lucky as my Disney and lived thru the experience. He told me that when you buy cheap you get cheap quality and that hartz was crap that poisioned most of the animals that it touches. I now work for a cat rescue organization and try to educate anyone and everyone that if you have a pet, then treat it like family. If you would not bathe your child in gasoline then don’t use Hartz on your pets! This product is a killer and it baffles me how the FDA lets it still stay on the market. Please spread the word to all pet owners that this product is harmful, not helpful.

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