Cat very sick from Hartz

My wife and I are turning our cat into an outdoor cat and we needed to get some flea repellant for our cat, Bo.

Unknowingly, we gave him some Hartz advanced “care” He became very lethargic within a day and suffered from mild tremors. MY wife, being the good mom that she is, called the vet and started looking on line to find out about this stuff.

We were stunned to read all the horror stories! We cannot believe this stuff is still on the shelves. We took Bo to the vet, got him all washed off, and he was under observation for a couple hours. He is quickly getting back to his rambunctious self.

We are pretty sure that if we did not get this stuff of him as quickly as we did, the outcome would have been far far worse.

Thanks for this web site, spreading the word about Hartz. I’d love to see this company go down in flames!


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