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Today is the day that my girlfriend will probably put her Boston Terrier, Spencer, to sleep. This site comes way too late for us. About eight months ago Spencer had his first seizure. Epilepsy is prone to BT’s so we never made a connection. Please note, we are still researching this and are not blaming Hartz. Spencer was put on phenilbarbatol as normal after a steroid, a CT scan (that revealed nothing major), and other tests. About two months ago Spencer went into a cluster. By the time we got him to the emergency room he had been seizuring for nearly an hour and a half (maybe longer). His temp was 106 degrees! He had been dosed with valium, glucose, and three shots of phenilbarbatol to no effect. After an IV and a cool bath, Spencer’s cluster stopped. He came home three days later, blind in his left eye and uncoordinated on his left side. He would drag his left hind leg when he walked, and could only track something (like his toy or a rawhide) by circling to the right. He still played a lot, and he still ate as normal (ravenous). A little less than two weeks ago my girlfriend applied the Hartz drops to his back. Friday night he started clustering again and we promptly took him to the emergency room. He has been in ICU for four days. This time his temp was low. he is on phen, potassium bromide, and a steroid. To stop the cluster he was dosed with PBr, three shots of Phen, valium, and glucose. Eventually his cluster stopped. Now Spencer suffers from “terrors” or “hallucinations”. He thrashes around in his kennel when they come on. For a day and a half the staff at the vet clinic have been holding him. His condition has worsened. He constantly looks over his right shoulder, his pupils are pinpointed, and he doesn’t know who any of us are (if he’s even there mentally is also an issue).

So, we have now made the decision to put him him to sleep, all for the better. Spencer just turned four years old about five months ago.

While we cannot prove that any of this was caused by the Hartz medication, I am posting this in case anyone else goes through this. With FOUR stumped vets, and a stumped neurologist, and several staff that cannot determine what is happening or why, I thought this story might help. He has not followed “typical” patterns of brain damage, tumors, tick disease, or epilepsy. His white cell count is fine and he still eats ravenously. I do not know the history of his treatment with Hartz. I just know that the latest treatment was done with Hartz and came across this site searching on keywords “seizures hallucinations dogs”. It was at the top.

Thanks for providing this site and I hope our little tragedy can help someone in the future.

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