i think your a jerk

well as far as the guy saying that it is not the harts products that is doing this to your animals or that people arnt following the direction , i think he is full of it . it is a pesticide it is dangerous to animals , yes maybe all animals dont have the same reaction as some do, but it is fact that when people have called & taken there cats to the vet they all say the same thing , so dugh . ill tell ya i have used hartz produts on my cat & nothing has happaned to him at all ( thank god ) my heart goes out to the people & the animals t hat have had problems , makes me sick to my stomach actually, & i will tell you after i found this sit because a lady at a store i was in looking at flea spray ( hartz ) she said oh honey you shouldnt use hartz onur animals it is dangerous. i was shocked a have used it for years . well i read this site & my heart broke, i went down & threw all hartz products away . i was mortified that a so called trusted company for animals was killing our loving pets & its as if they dont care. well i do & i will never use them again . & i am so sorrry for evrything that you have all went through with your babys . itis a shame & they should be stopped . i dont know about all of you but my pets are my life & thay are like my children. ihave 3 dogs 2 cats one of witch just rescued that was 3 weeks old , i have been bottle feeding him, he is a a sweetie & i also have 3 birds & fish .so i am an animal lover ( to put it midley ..LOL) but good luck to all of you & your pets most of all i know it has to be heart renching for you all. i cant imagina . i know alot of these sotries i read , i cried it is terrible. down with hartz… they kill & dont care… peace & love to you all…

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