2 Dogs React To Hartz Advanced Care 2in1 Flea & Tick Dog Spray

I purchased Hartz Advanced Care 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Dog Spray today. I sprayed both my dogs(Spot-my black & tan coonhound and Sassy-my chihuahua) with it. Within about 5-10 minutes Sassy wouldn’t sit still and kept running around shaking her head hard enough I could hear her ears hitting as she was running up and down the hall. Her tongue kept licking the air, something just wasn’t right. I grabbed the bottle to see what to do for an adverse reaction, but the label was just shredding. I grabbed her and ran to the shower. I stood in the shower with her for about 20 minutes and washed her several times with my shampoo. When I got out with her, I dried her off and she seems to be better right now. I grabbed Spot and took him to the shower next. Spot wasn’t showing any signs or symptoms of an adverse reaction till I got him in the shower and sprayed him with the water, thats when his hair started coming out and lots of it. I just kept rinsing him and washing him, but his hair was still coming out in big clumps. I called the 1-800-USA-FLEA number for Hartz but they weren’t open, so they gave another number to call for health related problems 1-888-875-1706. I spoke to a man named Paul who wanted the bar code before he would help me, the bar code was 32700 90973. Then he told me he didn’t think these symptoms were from the use of this product, and if they continued or worsened I should take them to the vet. Well DUH.. this did happen because of this product and of course I will take them to the vet if it continues or worsens. I asked him if there were any other complaints like this and he said no, not that he knew of. Hmmmm… I think he is misinformed then, and was of no help at all. Please call the health related number and inform them of the adverse effects, but remember to have your bar code or they won’t talk to you.

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