PQ was lucky

My father was telling me that his miniature poodle “PQ” seemed to be scratching a lot so he went to purchase the hartz flea collar. When he informed me about this flea collar, I immediately told my father all the life threatening stuff I had heard from other people. I suggested that when he returned home he should take the collar off and throw it away. When my father returned home only 4 hours later, PQ was huddled in a corner in a dark laundry room unresponsive to food or anything. PQ would normally take your hand off for the simple smell of any food. My father removed the collar and washed the dog down. So far so good. I am glad that people are talking about this problem……….PQ may not have been so lucky if I was not informed. Thank god I do not speak from my own experiences. I would never put these products from Hartz on my pets!
susan quattrocchi

My hamster and my rabbit

last week i fed my hamster and my rabbit harts and now there dead get THIS STUFF OFF THE MARKET NOWi love tehm two and had just got them :'(

Hartz killed my cat

Last Sunday I noticed that my cats had fleas, probably brought in by my dogs. We were about to go on vacation and money was tight. I thought about getting Frontline, but realized how costly it would be to put on 4 pets. I opted to go to PetSmart and purchase a flea collar and flea drops. I had heard of Hartz before and knew that they had been around for a while. I purchased 4 flea collars and 2 packs of 4 in 1 flea drops. I applied the drops and the collars on Monday evening. We left for vacation on Tuesday afternoon and thought everything was alright. We had someone coming in to feed the animals and let the dogs out. We ended up coming home on Friday and early the next morning we found our 7 year old cat dead on the bathroom floor. She still had fleas as they were crawling all over her. I took her to the vets and asked them to find out what killed her. So far the told us that she could have had a bad reaction to the fleas or the flea collar/drops. They are sending out tissue samples to find out if she was poisoned. I will know more later this week, but either way I blame Hartz. I should have just spent the extra money and purchased Frontline or Advantage. Please don’t make the same mistake that I made.

Flea and tick spray nearly killed Daisy

We had 3 cats and rescued 2 little babies about 4 weeks old. One of them was underweight, weighing only 3 lbs.

We used Hartz fea and tick spray on them.

One of the kittens (the larger one) had no problems. Our little Daisy became instantly sick. Lethargic, vomiting, not eating, sleeping all the time.

We found this site and immediately washed both kittens.

Daisy is still not feeling well but she does seem to be doing better. She’ll be seeing the vet on Thursday.

I’m just sick they can put this crap on the market! How many beloved animals have to suffer or die before they get a clue?

Another victim claimed

Our 8 yr old Evinrude just passed away this morning, after being treated with the Hartz drops(10+ lbs) eight days ago. She was a healthy 15 lb indoor cat. She and her sister Pidge were treated at the same time, and while they didn’t like being isolated during the treatment on the house, they managed. Being indoor cats only, this was our first flea infestation, following a racoon taking residence in our attic. She was a bit lathargic, but didn’t show any other symptoms at all, until five minutes before she passed. She started panting, lost bladder control and five minutes later, she was gone.
We read the labels on everything we used on the house and the girls, and applied it in the manner it prescribed. While there is a chance that her hay fever may have contributed to sensitivity, I must say that I did not read anything that indicated that use of the 2 in 1 powder and the drops could not be used together.
We will miss her, and her sister is going to miss her company…

Puppy has trouble walking after Hartz Flea Drop Treatment

We applied “Hartz Flea & Tick Drops”, and CC (my puppy, 11 month-old, shih tzu, 8.3 lb) had an adverse reaction. =*( We noticed that she had trouble walking 2 hours after the treatment. Particulary, her back legs seemed to have lost strength.

So we bathed her once, hoping to wash off the medication. She got a little better.. but within 1/2 hour… she had trouble walking again! We bathed her a second time, she got a little better… but still not fully recovered. =(

So we went to the animal emergency hospital! Holy crap… one visit is $100 (not including any medication). We waited for 5 hours… we got there around 9:30pm… and didn’t get to leave until after 2am.

The doctor had no idea what could be wrong…(ERRRRRRR)! She said she has never seen adverse reactions like this (unable to walk) after flea treatment. So she told us to call an Animal Toxic Hotline in US. WOW!! ONE PHONECALL COSTS $50US. We called… coz we were really concerned about CC. The Toxic hotline is hosted by the Vets in US.. they had a database of toxic cases reported for pets. NEVERTHELESS, they have not seen cases similar to CC’s reaction, so they did not provide us with much information.

We ended up not getting any medication for CC…the only advice we got from the doctor was to let her rest and observe her. All that for over $150 and 5-hours of wasted time. But i guess it’s good to know that CC should be okay and the effects should not be detrimental.

So the next morning… CC seems to have gotten a little better. After pooping twice… she seems to have recovered (almost 70% recover) by the end of the day. She could walk, she is excited and jumping all over for TREATS once again! =) Perhaps after pooping, she disposed of all the toxins from the treatment. I just hope she will stay okay from now on. Coz supposingly, the flea treament is supposed to stay active in her body for 1-month!

So my underlying message:
If you’re looking for flea treatment for your pup, you might want to keep allergic reactions in mind. See the website http://www.hartzvictims.org/. And beware of possible side effects of certain products. Some people reported adverse reactions after applying Hartz Flea products on their pets..there have been some extreme cases. Something to keep in mind for pet owners. Better be safe than worry! =P

Choose another product, or consult your vet. Don’t want your lil pup to get sick! =(

Also, for cat owners, keep in mind that Flea treatment for dogs CANNOT be applied to cats. They’re toxic for cats. Choose ones that are appropriate for cats.

Hartz Flea drops poisoned my cat

Within hours of treating my cat with Hartz flea and tick drops, she developed a toxic response to them. Her steps were trembly and stumbling, she became very twitchy, couldn’t jump, land, or walk well. It looked like severe parkinsons’s or some other serious nerve disorder. I immediately suspected she’d been into some kind of poison.

But I didn’t for a minute suspect the drops. Yet when I called the vet and described the symptoms, there were just two questions she asked. “Did you give her any kind of flea treatment?” And “What kind did you give her?” When I said it was Hartz, I was told to bring my cat in immediately – that Hartz can kill her.

Nearly $800 later and my cat is mostly fine (her motor skills recovered, but she’s more edgy and jumpy to the slightest sounds or movement.) The vet explained that she sees at least one cat every couple of weeks with a potentially fatal reaction to Hartz. She said that my own cat’s reaction was nowhere near as bad as countless other cats she’s seen. My cat was on IV treatments throughout the night, and could come home in just one day. Her vet said that the younger cats or kittens seemed to react even more severely, and many die.

Since this happened (about a year ago), I complained to management in every store where I found the same product sold on the shelves. NONE of the establishments I complained to took the problem seriously. One (PETCO) even gave me a line of bull that went something like this: *yes, we know about it and wish we didn’t have to sell it, but it’s cheaper, that’s what customers look for, and if we don’t have it, they’ll go someplace else to shop. What we do is try to educate the customer at the checkout, and tell them that the other, more expensive, products are much safer.* This was nonsense. I made a point of asking each clerk who waited on me every time I went into the store, asking if they were aware that the Hartz product they sold for cats can and does kill them! Every one of them looked at me with total surprise. They weren’t aware of the problem, so they certainly weren’t educating their customers (including me, when I bought the product from them).

I’m thrilled Hartz is withdrawing the product, but a lot of cats are going to get desperately sick and even die between now and when the last of the product disappears because far too few cat owners know of the problem.


Two and Almost Three Dead Hamsters!

I have always fed my daughter’s hamsters food from a local pet store. Our hamsters were healthy, happy and well. I ran out of food and purchased Hartz brand food from Walmart because of lack of time. Shortly thereafter our hamster, Goldie, became very swollen in her abdomen and would cry when I picked her up. She was dead within 24 hours. One of our other hamsters, Buddy, followed in her footsteps shortly after that. I decided that the only difference in their habitat was the substition of the food. I stopped giving the food immediately and purchased the pet store brand. All was well, until, one of my older daughters found the Hartz hamster food in its container as I had failed to throw it away (more than one month later), and guess what? My third hamster is sick, swollen and crying. I have started her on antibiotics but I don’t know if this will help or not. It seems to be maybe an obstruction in their stomach with infection. I mentioned to my sister that I thought the Hartz food was killing and them and she said “oh yeah” I should have told you that. The same thing happened to John’s (her son) hamster years ago when we gave it Hartz food. She said that she had heard that their products can make them sick. Go figure. Poor little sweet Goldie, Buddy and possibly Mama, what a miserable and suffering way to go. These deaths hurt our hearts even though they are so small. We still love them and miss them and feel so bad that we let this happen to them. They are trapped in a cage and can only eat what we feed them. No one should ever feed Hartz products to their pets, it all should be taken off of the market. Our hamster deaths are a little more than coincidence as far as I am concerned and are directly connected with Hartz hamster food.

Flea Collars made my dogs lethargic

I had no idea until my neice sent me this website link! I was reading the stories thinking I’m glad I use Advantage from my vets office when I remembered buying these flea collars from Wal-Mart a couple of years ago. At the time I had one weenie dog and a beagle. Within hours of putting the collars on my pups, both of my high energy dogs became lethargic and at the same time was trying to get the collars off! It scared me so immediately I removed the flea collars. I never thought about it anymore until I read the stories from your site. I have many friends with pets and you can be sure I’ll be e-mailing them your website link!
Ft.Worth, Texas

Need to get CNN, larry King, Regis,Oprah involved on all horrible Hartz products

My family and I walk our dog Sunny everynight.
She is a beautiful Golden Retriever.
Last night we put some Hartz tick and Flea drops on her.
We went for our usual walk.While we were walking,
Sunny started barking, her adrenaline started racing.
When we got home it got much worse.
Sunny started running all around our backyard, barking,
foaming at the mouth.
She tried to jump a 8 ft. fence, bit my husband twice,
foaming at mouth, and spiked a 104 fever.
We thought she was dying once we got her into her kennel.
She had a major drug reacation.
She has two cuts on her from running into stuff.
My husband immediately took her to the vet.
He gave her a shot to counteract the drug.
I am furious because this was supposed to help our dog not kill her.
I am seeking all help to ban Hartz products from Oklahoma & all stores.
I contacted our local Walmart and spoke to the manager about their product.
I am going to contact CNN & several others about this horrible product and the horrible effects it had on our dog Sunny.
I need your stories and permission to proceed with this matter.
Our dog sunny may be small but as a pet provider
I have a voice and America is going to hear it.
Sunny is a Golden Retriever and will be one in September.
We are gonna monitor her closely and I can promise
you we are never going to use a Hartz product again.

Trudy Millard

Smiley & Trudy Millard
828 NW 50TH ST.
Lawton,OK 73505
580-353-4070 HM PH.