Close to death

My 3 year old cats (over 10 pounds and from different mothers) got fleas after a neighbours cat stopped by at the house. I hate the thought of fleas on them and the discomfort it gives them so I quickly ran out to get something to help. At the pet store I asked which product they would recommend and Hartz was it. I read the directions and decided to apply even less than I should have just for precaution purposes. I sat with my cats and family for the next 2 or so hours and everything seemed fine. About 3 hours after I applied the product Toby started to shake uncontrollably. He fell down on the ground and began to twitch and foam at the mouth. Lilo was on the couch shaking and his eyes were glazed and he was breathing quickly. My husband and I ran and washed them as soon as these symptoms occurred trying to get the product off their skin. Once wasn?t enough, we washed them about 3 times each for fear the product wasn’t washing off. The shaking wouldn’t stop instead got more violent and Toby couldn’t lift himself off the ground. I rushed both of them to the animal hospital and as soon as I explained that I put a Hartz flea product on them the response from the doctor and assistant was “OOOOH NOT GOOD!!!” Needless to say they have seen far too many cases of this. Both my cats got IVs to flush the product out of their system and had to stay there overnight. Today 3 days have gone by since this happened. Last night neither of my cats would sleep they kept scratching at the spot where the flea drops were applied. Underneath their fur there are LARGE red sore patches. 250$ spent on the first visit and more to be spent today when I go see the vet about this now. Above all I’m thankful they both survived and hope not too much damage was done internally. Why is Hartz still out on the market?? When all these side effects stop my first trip will be to the pet store where the product was recommended. This stuff is TOXIC please don’t use it and spread the word so it won’t happen to other animals.

My Cat is Ill & Near Death- What Do I Do!?!?

Soon after the mysterious disappearance of my old cat, Hitler, we brought home a new one named Oreo. I had went to stay with my grandmother while she was ill for a week and that is where i first met Oreo, who at the time was healthy and active but also infested with fleas. After i brought him home with me last thursday i treated him for the fleas with Hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick Cat Spray. Soon after i realized he wanted to lick himself and i became worried he would injest it so i bathed it off of him only 2 hours later. Afterwards my cat became inactive and ate very little, but i assumed it was bc he was “adjusting to a new home”. But last night (sunday) i found where he had wandered into our yard and it had begun to rain. Instead of coming to the porch he sat there dazed and not moving. I brought him in and dryed him and when i let him out to potty again later he did the same thing but this time he acted like a complete drunk sittin in the pouring rain. Everytime he attempts to walk he staggers and falls. He isnt eating and all he can do is lie there helplessly. He is also extremely fevered. When he looks at me i can tell its as if his mind is completely blank like hes there but not conciouse or living. I am worried that he is dying now and if he isnt then im worried that he will be mentally impared. I am only 16 and i love all animals and usually know how to properly care for them, but it seems as if nothin can be done. I found out this morning that the Hartz treatment i used contained organophosphates which will poison your pet (and people) and can kill them. I need help or my cat is going to die. If you have a suggestion pleaze email me at [email protected] (Someone HELP ME!!)

My Kitty Cat just got sick last night from Heartz Drops

Yesterday I put the flea and tick drops on my cat and thought nothing of it. I had used it once before. I then let her out to play. I came home last night and let her in, she did not seem the same she is usually really vocial and independent. She was sitting next to me and not making a peep. We then went to bed and I realized she was twiching and not looking good. So I ran and pick up the package and read the back. I was freaked out. I called some Emergancy clinics and Two blew me off. One told me what to do and said bring her in now after you give her a bath. I thought are you crazy my cat goes wild around water and I do not want to see what she will do in it. I took a chance and she was like a baby and then I knew it was serious. So last night she spent the night at the vets for the first time. My cat is only 2yrs. and 8 pounds I would never thought her flea stuff would make her so sick. Now I am $300 in the hole. I feel so bad because I gave her that stuff and she depends on me to take care of her.

Last Night at the emergency clinic

If anything I thought that the over the counter product like Hartz Flea drops would be too mild. I applied the drops to my cat last night and with a hour she was twitching, hiding, and had dilated eyes. I call the emergency clinic and was told to was her with dish soap and bring her to the clinic. I did as they instructed and after a nights stay at the hospital she is home. She is still very quite and seems to have some minor twitching.

I hope that she will be alright. I can believe the others here with so many similar stories. The companies decision to ‘re-label’ this product is ridiculous. It needs to be removed from sale.

Thanks for sharing your stories. I will let me pet owning friends know about this very dangerous product.

Get Your

Hi all,
In response to LoveHartz’s, LovesHartz’s (whatever) story submitted on 7/17/05 regarding the “Facts” about Hartz products, I think we all know the reality of the situation. The “Facts” author advises us that we are all wrong wrong wrong. We should report our cases to Hartz, ask for their DVM’s advise on what to do with our probably already dead pet, and not use Hartz products on kittens, puppies, and older animals. LoveHartz ought to do their research because most of the victims on this website HAVE reported their pet’s violent reactions, gone to or called vets, and MANY of these pets were NOT very young or very old. My cat suffered severe side effects from Hartz 2 in 1 Luster Bath (sudden mood swings, tremors, foaming, etc.) and thank God she’s still here. LoveHartz and anyone else who wants to be a hard head and support Hartz, look at the active ingredients (i.e. Hartz Advanced Care Once-a-Month Flea and Tick Drops: phenothrin 85.7%). 85.7% Pesticides! And that’s withOUT collars LoveHartz. Hartz kills pets, period. Don’t make excuses.

She Is Still Recovering

I ran out of Frontline Plus For Cats so I called a groomer for advice. She reccommended Hartz. I purchased it. Within 24 hrs. my ‘baby’ was having tremors, and crying for help. After an overnight stay last night on ivs and an emergency vet’s bill almost $200.00, Mimi is resting.

I forgot to mention: I use an electric wheelchair because of having a massive stroke.

I read that in 2006 Hartz will put out a disclaimer. This is July, 2005. What happens to the other victims?????

My two pets almost died.

I called the number on the Hartz website to ask them what they expect people to do when animals are having a deadly reaction and are damaged by their flea products. I was told by a rude man to wash the animal and take him to the vet. When I asked if they are planning to do anything to change the products since so many of these cases are out there and/or take the products of the market he informed me he “doesn’t get my point”. What people do for money!

My cat almost died from Hartz

I found out my cat had fleas so I used Hartz drops to help get rid of them. I went to sleep and my dog (my cats best buddy) woke me up crying and consistently jumping on my bed. I realised something was wrong and followed him to the kitchen where my cat was laying on the floor shaking violently. He couldn’t walk without falling over and his eyes were glazed over. The sight was horrifying and I immediately realised what it was from. I ran to the bathroom to wash him and instead of trying to get away from the water he laid limp in my hands. I wrapped him up in a blanket as he continued to violently shake, twitch and foam at the mouth. I washed him 3 more times after that (Hartz is water proof) and slowly he began to stop shaking. I thought I would lose him and thank god he survived. I felt so horrible! I applied something that I thought would help him and it did so much damage. DO NOT APPLY HARTZ to any of your pets. It’s poison that ruins their nervous system!

Our 9 year old cat died from a bath in Hartz flea shampoo

Clawed was our baby before we had children. Saved from the local animal pound, he had a good long happy life, without incident for 9 years, as an indoor cat. Last week, 7-9-05, I noticed he was scratching so I though I’d give him a flea bath. I made the mistake of buying Hartz flea shampoo. I put him in the bath tub and he looked at me with big, round, trusting, green eyes, and gave only a little protest to being wet down and rubbed with the cool green liquid. Near the end of the bath he was starting to wheeze. I immediately rinsed him and dried him off as best I could and he trotted off a little insulted but for the most part, fine. Thirty minutes later my family returned inside from doing yard work to find Clawed hunched over, panting, and foaming at the mouth. Within minutes his pink nose was blue and he was listless and unable to control his bladder. I gave him mouth to mouth and he screamed in the pain of cardio-pulmanary failure and the inability to breath. It was Saturday and we headed for the vets office but Clawed went into shock and began chewing his tongue, dying painfully in my husbands arms as I drove. We left our precious pet in a corn field half way to the vet’s office. It was an awful death with groans of pain and struggled breaths and we are so sad and feel so guilty. Hartz is poison and we unknowingly killed a beloved member of our family. Shame on a company that would continue to sell this stuff.

My cat almost died

My story is no different than the ones I’ve read on this site. I put Hartz Flea and Tick Drops on my 7 pound cat and three days later she was experiencing tremors, was very ill, and almost died. I’m VERY upset with the Hartz Company and can’t believe that there haven’t been lawsuits. I have a large vet bill which a disabled police officer living on disability can’t afford. Of course I HAD to come up with the money but it really put a crimp on my budget. You know the old story: You tell ten people, and they tell ten people, and so on and so on. Hartz will get theirs.