Shelter Kitty – Unfair Ending

A while back, my husband and I adopted 2 nine month old kittens from a local shelter. A male and a female – Pepe (LePew) and Penelope.
It was during the winter months, I would say Turkey time, there abouts… and Pepe was living up to his name sake. I had purchased some shampoo when I first brought the pair home… and it was a Hartz product – Hartz after all, to me at least, was about as well known and trusted and Pampers is to a new mother (It was so long ago, I don’t remember it’s exact title).
Well, I gave Pepe his bath.. dried him and went to get Penny (who was going to have absolutely nothing to do with bathtime – after all, she didn’t stink like her friend did).
Maybe an hour later, I hear my husband calling me “There’s something wrong with Pepe.” Pepe’s lifeless body lay just inches from my son. And at the time, I felt as if he had been posioned somehow. I remember searching the house to see if anything had been knocked over (and maybe that was why he originally smelled bad); but never found anything. He was, as far as we knew – and as a previous (recent) trip to the vet had proven; a healthy and happy adolescent (indoor)cat.
For the longest time, I blamed myself. If I hadn’t given him a bath that day, he’d still be alive hiding my lighters, chewing up my son’s toys and attacking my feet as I tried to settle in for the night.
While Hartz may not have been the cause of Pepe’s early passing, it is a coincidence that cannot be denied. I have always trusted well known pet products … I found the information contained in this website to be not only disturbing, but educational. Thank you so much for creating this website.


My 13 week old kitten

Luckily she is alive, the poor thing couldn’t stop having seziures so at about 11:00 at night she went to the vet I had to wait for my vet to paged which took 10 minutes before I was able to bring her in, thank goodness she servied, please pet lovers do not use this product! we used the advanced care 3 in 1 supposedly specially formulated for cats! yeah right

if you want to contact me to know more [email protected]

On Vacation

Hartz Victims,

Elise and I will be on vacation out of the country until July 30. In the meantime, please browse the submissions archive or the forum as I won’t be actively updating for the next 7 days.

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never use this product

i think i should sue the heck outta ya you not only killed a cat you killed my best friend.. i thought when i bought your product and followed the directions it would help my cat but instead she went to an early grave she was only 5. even my dog a german shepard still whines for her you people make me sick and you could never undo the pain you’ve caused me for my lose of my cat nicki..she went from a 20 pound big HAPPY cat to a willowing cat in the people there is no words to describe what i think of the people that made this product but when i told my mother who was dying in the 4 th stage of cancer who i took the cat from there is no way i can describe how much pain we all felt

Never had a problem

I have used Hartz products, as well as Sergeants products on my cats many times and have never had a problem with them, as have friends of mine who also have cats and are cat lovers. I have not observed any reactions, or loss of control/hair/bodily functions. I understand and sympathize with anyone who has lost a cat, (having lost pets to other causes) and I think it’s a great thing that the EPA has agreed to remove certain products from the market that may be harmful and change the labels. However, wouldnt it perhaps be a good idea to also give equal billing to people like myself who have successfully used the products instead of basically creating a flame site with comments like “I hate you Hartz for killing my cat” and accusing them of only being interested in profits? This is, after all, America, and both sides deserve to be heard, especially when you consider that the entire stories arent known, and there is no way to guarantee the products were used correctly, or all the warning labels read. I have lost pets to being hit by cars – should we also then flame the auto industry for not putting adequate safety devices on the cars to protect our pets?

Latham, NY

Give it a rest

Animals like people have reactions to medications. And the flea/tick treatment is a medication. I have used hartz on both my cats and my dog for sometime now. One cat is 10, the dog is 10 and my new cat is 1. Never have I experienced anything like any of these stories, nor has anyone I spoke to. By the way, I work for a company that encourges people to bring their dogs to work. We are very, very animal friendly, so I know, I would have heard about at least one person having this sort of problem. Don’t you think you are being a little harsh on Hartz. After all, all medications have side effects, some more than others. If I take something I am allergic do, I could die! but you don’t see me suing the manufacture. These stories are very, very sad in the least, but I do think they are the exception and not the rule.

Kitty Died Three Days Later

I bought the Hartz drops for Cats because I thought I would save a few bucks, and the fleas were about to take us over this summer. I had always used a product from vet but it didn’t see to be working so I saw these at the store and used one tube on each of the three cats.
One cat, who is an outside cat by choice, became sick just a few days after using the hartz.
When my daughter found her, she was obviously in pain and having trouble breathing. Her hind quarters were covered in diarrhea, and she didn’t look so good. She let out a couple of yowls like help me. My daughter gave her some water, and she acted like she was very thirsty. My daughter went in to tell my husband that something was wrong with the cat.
We could not find the cat when we went to look for her.
Two hours later we were working out side, and I saw her laying under the deck. Her feet were all drawn up and her mouth was open with her teeth hanging out. She was already dead.
My husband looked her over and said that he she had not been run over and didn’t see to have any injuries. We both thought she had been poisoned.
We have been trying to figure out for the last two weeks who might have poisoned our cat.
After reading this website I think I we know who did it–We poisoned our cat by using those sorry Hartz flea drops.

Made my dog very ill!

I tried Hartz flea and tick drops on my jack russell, he started walking as if he were drunk finally falling to the floor. I immediately put him in the sink and washed him all over, and got him to drink some water. I called the vet and they told me to keep an eye on him. He did recover completely, but I will never use Hartz again. Don’t they test this stuff? I
Olivers Mom

highly agitated cat on Harts flea drops

we have noticed our cat acts very nervous and aggressive for 2 days after getting a Hart’s flea drop treatment. Up all night, jumping around on furniture, noisy, etc.
We thought we were the only ones who had this problem.
Thanks to the web and this forum, the truth emerges! Keep up the good work.
john & karen

Another Hartz Victim

Our family recently gave our 3 year old 10 lb. cat the Hartz flea and tick drops
also. We know he had fleas, so we thought we would try this and to our surprize
it got rid of the fleas and almost our cat as well !!!!!!!! Our has experienced
different symptoms = mainly vomitting, dehydration, weakness, hard stools.
We took our cat to one Vet. and he thought it might be an obstruction in his
intestines, but he sent us to an Animal Hospital to get a second opinion.
So we went to the Animal Hospital, the Vet. there examined our cat. They went
thru a full exam on him, and the test results seem to be normal, EXCEPT for
a chemical that was in his body. The Vet. asked us what he got into and we said
we didn’t know. We told the Vet. that we gave him the Hartz flea drops, and
immediately he responded that it is probably the Hartz flea drops that are
hurting the cat. He told us that he has seen many cases of similar or even worse
symptoms caused by the Hartz Product. AND for the all Hartz lovers of the world
I HAVE THE FACTS !!! JERK OFFS !!! I have a blood test to prove it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That cost me 350.00 to find out. I hate to say this but if our cat dies, we are
going after Hartz. I am pissed off, and I have the facts. I am not lawsuit type
of person, but this experience is terrible. Our cat is suffering from this crap, and
hopefully for Hartz’s sake he recovers. I will get a lawyer and we will do business
with the Hartz Company. I can’t believe there has not been anyone else doing
something about this legally. This is America, and I will be damned if someone
is going to get away with murder. Hartz won’t get mad or ticked off with me,
because they will be speaking with my lawyer who will have the facts.
Thanks for letting me vent. Thanks to Hartz, our cat can’t even eat, we force feed
him and he vomits back up, he is now at 7 and 1 half lbs. I feel bad about this,
even deppressed. I hope he gets better…………..