Shelter Kitty – Unfair Ending

A while back, my husband and I adopted 2 nine month old kittens from a local shelter. A male and a female – Pepe (LePew) and Penelope.
It was during the winter months, I would say Turkey time, there abouts… and Pepe was living up to his name sake. I had purchased some shampoo when I first brought the pair home… and it was a Hartz product – Hartz after all, to me at least, was about as well known and trusted and Pampers is to a new mother (It was so long ago, I don’t remember it’s exact title).
Well, I gave Pepe his bath.. dried him and went to get Penny (who was going to have absolutely nothing to do with bathtime – after all, she didn’t stink like her friend did).
Maybe an hour later, I hear my husband calling me “There’s something wrong with Pepe.” Pepe’s lifeless body lay just inches from my son. And at the time, I felt as if he had been posioned somehow. I remember searching the house to see if anything had been knocked over (and maybe that was why he originally smelled bad); but never found anything. He was, as far as we knew – and as a previous (recent) trip to the vet had proven; a healthy and happy adolescent (indoor)cat.
For the longest time, I blamed myself. If I hadn’t given him a bath that day, he’d still be alive hiding my lighters, chewing up my son’s toys and attacking my feet as I tried to settle in for the night.
While Hartz may not have been the cause of Pepe’s early passing, it is a coincidence that cannot be denied. I have always trusted well known pet products … I found the information contained in this website to be not only disturbing, but educational. Thank you so much for creating this website.


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