my cat was bald

my dog and cats were scratching, every pet owner knows what that means FLEAS.
so i went to the store and picked up three Hartz collars and put them on my pets.
the scraching did stop, all seemed great and in total it only cost about 24$, but not for long. after about a week i noticed blood on my living room floor, i immedately checked my rottie’s paws they were fine, i checked the cats paws they were also fine, then when i was petting my dog i almost screamed. she had a huge open wound under her neck, it was about a inch deep and 2 inches in width. right away i took the collar off hailey because i thought maybe she was scratching at it, i cleaned her up put peroxide on her as well as antibiotic cream, she seemed better. later i was on the couch petting my male cat clyde when i noticed by the collar his hair was gone, my husband said it must have seperated because of the collar. he was wrong, when i removed the collar about 2 inches around his whole neck where the collar was the hair was all completely gone, and he had sores all over his skin. i looked up hartz problems, or reactions and i could not believe my eyes grated i did catch the problem fast enough before major problems i couldn’t believe there were so many other pet owners who experienced the same symptoms. and problems. im so lucky they are all ok and for the people who lost animals due to hartzs my heart goes out to you. of course i took the other collar off my last cat with it on bonnie, she was fine no problems thank god. other people need to be aware of these problems, there are no warning labels on the box to let you know you could be hurting your animal, when you thought you were helping. it’s now two weeks later and they were all scracthing again so i called the vet and asked what i should use they said frontline, i asked if they had ever heard of problems with hartz products, she said there have been many others, she took down all my information about the cats and the dog and was going to document it and send it to the better buissness bourough, i suggest the rest of you who have had problems do the same. hartz should be removed from shelves, ofcourse it won’t but we atleast can warn others.please tell everyone you know not to use hartz products they are dangerous. by the way after i put the frontline products on the animals my cat bonnie who had no reaction to the collar was foaming and drolling at the mouth, i freaked out again. i called the number on the box and there was a real vet tech on the line she said the main ingredient was alcohol, which if ingested would not harm the animal, 24 hours later she is fine and no scratching the same with the rest of my pets, all i can say is keep an eye out when you treat your pets, and be careful.

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