Never had a problem

I have used Hartz products, as well as Sergeants products on my cats many times and have never had a problem with them, as have friends of mine who also have cats and are cat lovers. I have not observed any reactions, or loss of control/hair/bodily functions. I understand and sympathize with anyone who has lost a cat, (having lost pets to other causes) and I think it’s a great thing that the EPA has agreed to remove certain products from the market that may be harmful and change the labels. However, wouldnt it perhaps be a good idea to also give equal billing to people like myself who have successfully used the products instead of basically creating a flame site with comments like “I hate you Hartz for killing my cat” and accusing them of only being interested in profits? This is, after all, America, and both sides deserve to be heard, especially when you consider that the entire stories arent known, and there is no way to guarantee the products were used correctly, or all the warning labels read. I have lost pets to being hit by cars – should we also then flame the auto industry for not putting adequate safety devices on the cars to protect our pets?

Latham, NY

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