Kitty Died Three Days Later

I bought the Hartz drops for Cats because I thought I would save a few bucks, and the fleas were about to take us over this summer. I had always used a product from vet but it didn’t see to be working so I saw these at the store and used one tube on each of the three cats.
One cat, who is an outside cat by choice, became sick just a few days after using the hartz.
When my daughter found her, she was obviously in pain and having trouble breathing. Her hind quarters were covered in diarrhea, and she didn’t look so good. She let out a couple of yowls like help me. My daughter gave her some water, and she acted like she was very thirsty. My daughter went in to tell my husband that something was wrong with the cat.
We could not find the cat when we went to look for her.
Two hours later we were working out side, and I saw her laying under the deck. Her feet were all drawn up and her mouth was open with her teeth hanging out. She was already dead.
My husband looked her over and said that he she had not been run over and didn’t see to have any injuries. We both thought she had been poisoned.
We have been trying to figure out for the last two weeks who might have poisoned our cat.
After reading this website I think I we know who did it–We poisoned our cat by using those sorry Hartz flea drops.

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