Another Hartz Victim

Our family recently gave our 3 year old 10 lb. cat the Hartz flea and tick drops
also. We know he had fleas, so we thought we would try this and to our surprize
it got rid of the fleas and almost our cat as well !!!!!!!! Our has experienced
different symptoms = mainly vomitting, dehydration, weakness, hard stools.
We took our cat to one Vet. and he thought it might be an obstruction in his
intestines, but he sent us to an Animal Hospital to get a second opinion.
So we went to the Animal Hospital, the Vet. there examined our cat. They went
thru a full exam on him, and the test results seem to be normal, EXCEPT for
a chemical that was in his body. The Vet. asked us what he got into and we said
we didn’t know. We told the Vet. that we gave him the Hartz flea drops, and
immediately he responded that it is probably the Hartz flea drops that are
hurting the cat. He told us that he has seen many cases of similar or even worse
symptoms caused by the Hartz Product. AND for the all Hartz lovers of the world
I HAVE THE FACTS !!! JERK OFFS !!! I have a blood test to prove it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That cost me 350.00 to find out. I hate to say this but if our cat dies, we are
going after Hartz. I am pissed off, and I have the facts. I am not lawsuit type
of person, but this experience is terrible. Our cat is suffering from this crap, and
hopefully for Hartz’s sake he recovers. I will get a lawyer and we will do business
with the Hartz Company. I can’t believe there has not been anyone else doing
something about this legally. This is America, and I will be damned if someone
is going to get away with murder. Hartz won’t get mad or ticked off with me,
because they will be speaking with my lawyer who will have the facts.
Thanks for letting me vent. Thanks to Hartz, our cat can’t even eat, we force feed
him and he vomits back up, he is now at 7 and 1 half lbs. I feel bad about this,
even deppressed. I hope he gets better…………..

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