Talk To The Retailers!!!!

This is my first time submitting a message on this website–I am now officially a member and proud of it!
My concern is I’m not sure the word is totally out there regarding this “recall.” What about all the people who walk into their grocery store, etc…to buy a flea or tick product between now and when the products are supposed to be completely off the shelves?
Most likely, more cats will be seriously hurt or die between now and then. I have two cats and had I not known the history of Hartz and used their product during this “grace period” and something happened to my cats—I don’t know what I would do.
How can retailers with a conscience continue to sell these products. It’s unthinkable, which means, it’s up to us to pressure the retailers to clear their shelves now! Thank you Josh for this very informative site.
Sherman, TX


I CANNOT BELIEVE that these products are still on the market. I had to take my cat to the vet this evening because I used the Hartz flea drops on her a few days ago. She was so “out of it” and was so dehydrated, that she has to stay overnight with an IV to help rehydrate her.

I do not want reimbursement from the company for veterinarian bills. I’ve read way too many horror stories about their products. I want TO MAKE THEM PAY! Not just for my kitty…but all of the others out there. It’s the principle of the matter.

I don’t even know if she’s going to be okay or not. But…irregardless of the fact, I WILL take legal action. This is bullsh$%, and I want to make a difference.

If any of you out there are interested in being involved, please email me at [email protected]

Hartz fleat and tick ointment caused rash and convulsions in our cat

We applied Hartz brand phenothrin (not to be confused with permathrin, for dogs) ointment to our cat Bobo.

Very soon after, Bobo began scratching at her neck and ears, and her head and ears started twitching.

We washed her off with Dove dishsoap, which we knew to be the best thing to get this kind of stuff off (ASPCA poison control recommends this method), and thought she would probably be okay after that because she seemed to calm down and rest and act normal/want petting, etc.

The next day we came home from work to find her ears and head twitching much worse than she had before.

ASPCA recommended a 2nd bath, so we did that (with much more Dawn this time) and Bobo started to get better over the next few hours. We also washed down our other cat, who seemed a little groggy from the poison (and who has had similar minor reactions to Frontline), but not twitching or scratching like Bobo. Bobo had a rash for a few days and proceeded to get better over the next few days.

I recommend the ASPCA animal poison control center (open 24 hours). 888-299-2973. We have called them twice and in this instance, it may have saved our precious Bobo from neurological damage. It costs $50 (thereabouts?) per call, because they don’t have public funding, but it is a great service, and they were very helpful.

One Spot killed our beloved cat

Had we known about this site and the effects of this toxic garbage that Hartz is marketing for flea treatment, it could have saved the life of our poor cat, Booboo.
Booboo was a geriatric cat and we had a bad spring of fleas. We asked our vet about Hartz One Spot flea treatment and applied it as instructed. Within a day, Booboo was losing control of her hindquarters and bowels, and going into convulsions, spasming and twitching and frothing at her mouth. This beloved and gentle cat was my wife’s most loved companion, and this put her through hell and broke her heart. There seemed to be nothing we could do, we took her to the vet right away and the vet had heard nothing about the product or its symptoms and did not know how to treat it except emetics which only worsened it.
It was obviously poisoning but he didn’t know it was the product that had poisoned her.
To make a long story short, we lost Booboo to this toxic Hartz product and my wife had to put her down a short while later, there was nothing we could do.
By all means do NOT EVER use this product on your animals, and as I have read on this website get only the treatments from a Vet who is familiar with the problems caused by the Hartz product. It is too bad, because Hartz used to be a respected name in animal related products.

Little Purple Collar

We put a Hartz flea collar on our 8 year old Siamese cat. He went from a very ative cat to a almost comatose, vomiting cat. His health previous to this was excellent. His appetite was also excellent. After this behavior continued a couple of days, we were trying to pin down what happened to him in the past 48 hours, and the only thing was the flea collar. Thank god we took it off, and by the next day he was back to his normal self!

Angel’s story

Angel wasn’t quite a year old when I put the Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick drops on her. Within an hour, she was twitching, blinking her eyes very quickly, non responsive. By the time another half hour had passed, she was incoherent and uncoordinated….tipping over, falling over. I called the emergency vet and they said wash the cat and rinse her repeatedly. I did this (probably adding to both our trauma factors), and then I had a wet cat who was incoherent and uncoordinated. 24 hours of IV drugs, a $200 vet bill and we were on our way home. I was so happy to have her back that I didn’t notice the lasting effects. Now, a year after all of this, the cat still has some sort of damage, as she is still very clumsy…not at all the graceful little girl I once had.

Hartz was contacted by our local news station for their comments on the story that was run on Angel. They contacted me and asked me to submit the vet bill, which I did. They paid the bill, and paid for the unused product. However, the letter that was sent with the check was the most degrading thing I ever read. Here this supposed veterinarian was, writing to me as though I were either 5, or senile. The gist of the letter was that Hartz wasn’t responsible for the damages and how people get all sappy about their little furry friends. My children will tell you…….no Hartz products in our house ever again under any circumstances. I cast my vote for my “furry little fwends” with my purchasing power. To the Hartz paid veterinarian that wrote me the letter, my only comment is now I know where the vets that graduate in the bottom 50% of their classes go.

Hartz flea collar for cats

We put the flea collar on a week ago (not the drops) and it has left a collar mark like the picture on your main page….I read the message board and most stories were for the drops but we only used the collar but with same results….the cat is calm as usual but neck looks bad…..of course we have removed it and not sure what needs to be done. Do we give him a bath? take to vet? what should we do?

[email protected] 6-13-05

Ear Mite Medication Made My Kitty Sick!

I recently purchased HARTZ brand ear mite medication to treat my 6-month-old kitten’s ear mites with. After 2 doses (2 days), his ears were flaming red, and he became lethargic and sluggish. He acted like a different cat; mellowed way out, lost his appetite and clung to me.

I asked a nearby pet-supply store for advice and was literally scolded for using HARTZ, the store employee advising me to stop using the product immediately, and to swab his ears out with olive oil. She explained that one should never use HARTZ, as they made their products out of cheap material (to lighten her words), toxic toxic toxic!

Fortunately, he is ok. I will never, never use HARTZ brand anything again and would advise anyone else the same.

Our cat was killed by Hartz flea medicine

We lost our sweet little Buster cat due to this killer poison, Hartz flea medicine. He seemed perfectly fine, and all of the sudden, he was sprawled out on the kitchen floor like a spider on all 4 paws laying flat as can be. He was crying and jittering. We rushed him to the emergency animal clinic where he was given oxygen and an attempt was made to save his life. The vet said that it would be best to put him down peacefully instead of suffer even more than he already has. Only a few drops of this were used. It is deadly. Do not use it on your pets. It doesn’t even kill the damn fleas, it just kills the cat. We have shed many tears for Buster and he will remain in our hearts. Why is this product still on the market and still being recommended by vets? Why did the courts rule that they had until the end of June 2005 to get this damned product labeled properly with warnings that it can cause seizures, diarea, vommiting, convulsions, and death in pets? I certainly hope that veterinarians do not persuade pet owners to use this just to make a profit off of people that trust their judgement. I can only imagine how much money has been spent and tears shed in attempts to save the lives of pets that have been killed by this product. It needs to be removed from the shelves immediately.

I will never purchase another Hartz product

Like others who have shared storied on this Web site, I thought I’d try Hartz 3 in 1 flea and tick drops on my 16-lb, 12 year old cat. I had no idea this stuff was so dangerous! I have used other manufacturers’ 30-day flea treatments without any bad consequences to my cat, so I thought “Good for Hartz! They managed to produce this inexpensively and pass the savings on to customers!” Little did I know. I feel so bad. My cat was so agitated after I put it on him…running around crying, twitching, and scratching at his neck. After several spot washings, I think that I have removed much of it, but need to take him to a professional goomer for a thorough bath. I researched this product online after this episode and am outraged that Hartz will not recall this product from the shelves. Both Hartz and Petco executives are going to get an earfull from me.

Austin, Texas