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Hartz flea collar deaths 18 years ago

About 1987 I had three healthy cats and bought all of them Hartz 3-in-1 flea collars. Within a week, two were dead and one was barely hanging on (he survivied). I was in shock and my vet said that there had been a number of complaints about deaths from Hartz flea collars. When I did some research (before the great WEB) to find out more information, I found that Hartz had issued a statement saying that the percentage of deaths because of the collars was not significant compared to the number of animals using them. I wrote them and told them that 2/3 of my cat population had died and that that was a large percentage to me. Guess what they sent me?! Coupons for free Hartz flea collars! Go figure.

Since that time, I have not purchased any HARTZ products and never will. It doesn’t surprise me that they are still peddling poisons today. Hartz is a VERY irresponsible company when it comes to the health of our pets. Thank GOD for the web today to broadcast this latest information to many pet owners. And thank you all for caring about your pets.


Flea Drops

Last fall we took in a female cat we believe was abandoned by her family. She was pregnant and had five kittens.

We realized shortly after they were born they had fleas and we began to treat the environment and wait until we could threat them. We purchased over the counter Hartz flea treatments, which were applied to the back of the neck.

Within 15 minutes, the kittens began vomitting and looked very sick. I immediately got on the Internet and found this, along with other websites regarding Hartz products. We immediately rushed the cats to the bath tub and washed them with soap and water. Luckily it worked, and the kittens stopped vomitting and began to feel better.

I was lucky enough to get on the net and find out what was going, so I we could take actions. I can’t imagine what would have happened if we had not got this stuff washed off in time.

My beloved cats

About 2 weeks ago my husband and I noticed how bad the flea’s were eating up our cats and decided we needed to go and get flea products for them. Our cats are like children in this house so we take really good care of them but have recently had financial problems so could no longer afford the vet’s medication. We went ahead and gave them both baths and a flea dip to remove the pests as instructed by our vet. We waited 2 days after that and placed the Hartz 4 in 1 drops on the back of our cats neck as instructed on the box. We told our children not to touch the cats and if they did to immediatly wash their hands which they did. 3 days after placing the drops on the back of our cats neck my persian siamese began to become listless and my male cat began to loose all his fur and weight. We thought the reason for the changes were due to the severe heat we had been experiencing as well as the massive flea infestation that has been occuring in our part of the state. The next day my siamese, who I have had longer than my own kids, had passed away. It was very hard on me she was my baby. She has moved to 4 different states with us due to military moves and had always been a constant companion. Our male cat is still loosing his fur but is no longer loosing wieght but we have been told that his exposure was enough that he will probably not make it. We were never notified of a recall, our vet’s no nothing about the recall and the product is STILL being sold in Pet-Co and Walmart with no warning on it. Because of the fact that Hartz is not abiding by the EPA ruling we have pretty much lost 2 members of our family that will never be replaced. I cannot believe that nothing had been done to have this product removed from the shelf. The only reason we found out about the Recall was because my husband was trying to find out more inforamtion about flea removal and stumbled on an article that briefly mentions the recall on Hartz. What will be done to assure the safety of famliy memebers and their pets? What is my family going to do now that we have lost one beloved animal and are sitting here watching another fail in health? Will a lawsuit against Hartz be the only way to gaurantee all’s safety?? I hope something will done so no other family has to deal with the loss that we have.

In Memory of Barleycat

May2004 After being diagnosed with cat scratch fever, I decided to make sure my cats were free from fleas which carry the bartonella bacteria. I bought the flea & tick treatments from Hartz from our local Petco. After administering it to our adult cat, Barley, I noticed him acting a little lethargic. Not thinking anything of it, a few months went by, when Barley began twitching. His health continued to decline. He stopped grooming himself, he seemed to have no muscular control. His legs would give out, he had no desire to move. Over a period of a few more months, Barley lost weight, could not eat ( I spoon fed him babyfood), and he was truely dying. The Vet was at a loss for what could be wrong,after routine blood work came back normal. In March 2005, Almost 1 year later, we buried our cat Barley. We slowly watched him dying over a one year period, not knowing what could have been wrong.
After seeing a news report last Friday on a local TV station, I realized that there was a correlation betweeen Barley’s symptoms, and my administration of the Hartz Flea & Tick treatment to him.
I truly believe this is what killed my beloved pet cat Barley.
Please do not use Any Hartz products on your pets!

Hartz is a big rip off

My husband took our Dog Rudy to the River fishing and came back with a
whole bunch of ticks and i mean 100 and so i went to the store & got some
bombs and other stuff including hartz Home flea & Tick killer, Says Kills fleas Ticks & there eggs… Well whatever i had to drowned these ticks and i timed it it took 45 minutes for the ticks to actually die and i think they finally drowned…So
when i went to look up there website to complain i found this one and they dont even have a website guess they dont want to hear what a rip off they are…ive
owned pets all my life and this is the first time ive ever heard of animals dying from using hartz…Walla walla washington

Coughing Kitty?

I used the Hartz monthly treatment on 2 of my kitties, and now my little one is coughing quite a lot, and seems unkempt…is this from the Hartz drops?

Another bad reaction from Hartz 4 in 1 drops

I had previously used Hartz treatment on my cat. It was the kind that you stripe from neck to tail, and she was able to lick it. At the end of the day her fur was all mussed and she didn’t look like she felt well. I gave her a bath, and she looked better the next day. Never again, said I.

I went to PetSmart the other day to get some flea treatment. I knew Hartz sucked, but I didn’t even know PetSmart was dumb enough to sell Hartz. I just wanted to get the kind that you apply right behind their head, so she couldn’t lick it. Plus, the kind I bought was $9.99, and I knew Hartz was some cheap s***. I didn’t even see the “hartz” in the corner of the package. I feel so bad because I am a lawyer and always onto people, that you should be smart enough to read directions, etc. Well, this was the kind you apply at the base of their head, so I didn’t even think it was Hartz because of my past experience with it. Little did I know they were forced to change their directions from striping to base of head. Stupid me.

I put it on my cat and immediately left for work. When I came home, I thought she was still sulking about it, because she was hiding. I checked on her and she seemed ok, under my bed. She finally came out about an hour later, and she sat on my lap trembling. Her eyes were all dilated. She sat there for awhile, then she suddenly just fell off my lap onto the floor. “That’s it”, I thought, and gave her a good bath. (I thought she felt pretty bad, but not bad enough to give me hell by thrashing around!!) She threw up in the middle of the night, but she seems fine now.

My cat is 6 years old and weighs a little over 10 lbs. I used the kind for under 10 lbs. because of her previous funny reaction. Here I thought the first bad reaction was because she licked it. Now I find that Hartz has years and years of this happening to all kinds of cats, just by applying it.

I was so disgusted to find that I had bought Hartz by accident. I didn’t think PetSmart would stoop so low. Hartz raised their price point so they wouldn’t look like the cheap bastards that they are. I can’t believe this s*** is still on the market. I was glad to hear that MSNBC ran a story on Hartz the day before I put this crap on my cat. I’m just sorry I didn’t see it before hand. Could have saved my pet a lot of suffering.

Hartz knows they can get away with this crap, because their damages would be so low in these class actions. You can’t put the kind of life value on a pet that you can on a human, since pets don’t generate income. Yes, we all feel that our pets are priceless, but legally, they’re just another piece of personal property. It’s disgusting that Hartz has years of history pulling this crap and they have done nothing, except at the insistence of the EPA.

I hate Hartz.

I will no longer purchase any product from HARTZ. I bought that Advanced Care 3 in 1 stuff to try to help my poor cat out and get rid of her fleas…but instead of getting rid of the fleas she got extremely ill and suffered several seizures. I took her to the Vet as soon as possible and they had told me that she was lucky to be brought in at that time. She was at a borderline of life and death. Her first symptoms of being ill were lack of energy, Salivation, and Tremors( the twitching of muscles all over her body)..these symptoms occured 2 days after the product was applied onto the base of her head. There is a warning on the back of the product’s package stating that such symptoms would occur and that it only happens to a “few” certain cats. Thats such a LIE! Even the vet said he was treating many cats each week that all came in with the same problem. I can’t believe they would allow people to sell this product! My cat is doing well now. Thankfully.

My cat Phoebe is in the hospital

I just got home from the vet.
I had to leave my 6 month old blue Russian baby there with tremors and what seemed like seizures to me.
About 36 hours ago, I put the Hartz 4 in 1 drops on her. I specifically bought the one for cats or KITTENS under 10 pounds to be sure I was doing the right thing.

They tell me she’ll probably be okay, but they’re keeping her overnight on IV fluid and muscle relaxants.

I HATE HARTZ. Walmart STILL has it on their shelves. I feel compelled to go there and everywhere HARTZ products are sold and put some sort of warning so no one has to go through what I did or my poor Phoebe is going through now.


Phoebe’s Mom