Mild Reaction

I tried Hartz flea medicine on my 12 year old cat I have always given her Advantage but was at Walmart and picked up the Hartz. A few days later she started acting weird, not eating or drinking and acting like she couldn’t move. She also stayed under my bed and was just not acting like herself. I thought at first she got bumped by one of my kids or was just sick. I took her to the vet and they said maybe a bladder infection and maybe she got bumped but she didn’t have a fever and other than the symptoms I described looked okay. Not being 100% with the diagnosis I started looking on the internet for other possibities. I remembered giving her the flea medince a couple days before and also my husband thought he asked the Vet to put some Advantage on her. I started thinking maybe she was having a reaction from a double dose of medicine. Thats when I found your site. Thank goodness the Vet didn’t apply the Advantage because they didn’t have it marked so she wasn’t double treated. But now that I have read the stories on your site I am convinced that it is the Hartz flea medicine. Thank goodness she hasn’t had a deadly reaction but she must be having a mild reaction. She’s better today and hopefully the stuff will get out of her system soon so she can get back to normal we can only pray it hasn’t caused permanent damage. It seems like there is something more we can do this product is criminal. THese pets are our family.

Jackson MS

Leo my Lion

Title Leo my Lion
I am a single parent of three children and we run on a very tight budget. When I awakened around 5:50 am on June 26, 2005 I found my cat Leo meowing, not his usual meow, and twitching. Then he slide off my bed and in the basket at the foot of my bed where he laid very still. Thinking that he might be dying I started calling as many vets I could that might be open so early and on a Sunday finally finding one. My children and I got in the car with Leo and drove to the vet.( I don’t leave my kids without a sitter). When we got there we told the vet that we had given him Hartz flea medication.The vet nodded his head and said that Leo’s seizure and the twitching plus the loss of control of his left paw was caused by the Hartz flea medication. Then as the doctor was about to start his IV, Leo had more seizures. What a horrible sight for my kids to see . My kids and I were frightened. Then the doctor rushed Leo into the back room while still suffering from the seizures and quickly got him on muscle relaxers. Then the assistant vet came out will the bill. She said depending on how many more seizures Leo had the cost could be any where from $519 dollars to $979 dollars plus the fee just to bring him in and the injections they had already given him. I only had $270 dollars to give to vet. I had to borrow money from my children. Then I had to borrow money from other people too. I think that the Hartz company should not be allowed to l product that can cause seizures or even kill an animal. If I had known what a Hartz porduct could do I would have never bought their product and I wouldn’t have to pay such a hefty fee. There is also the poor animals trauma as well as ours. Putting the cat to sleep was not an option. Hopefully Leo will make it through healthy and in no pain.

Unexplained Coughing

I used Hartz OneSpot on my 6 cats one time – about 3 years ago – all of them foamed at the mouth and ran around like they were mad! None of them were seriously ill, though, thank God. One of my kitties, Jowe, did develop a large itchy red area on his back that was hot to the touch for about a month. We washed it and used hydrocortisone spray on it to help him. A few months later, he started coughing, like he had a hairball, but nothing ever came up! This continues to happen, even three years later – the vet can’t explain it, and can’t find anything wrong with him. He’ll go through stages where he’ll cough for several minutes for days, and then be fine for weeks.

Has anyone ever had an experience like this from using a Hartz product?


Two days ago my husband applied the flea repellant to our two cats. One of them seemed his crazy self but the other who is usually very active began to hide and growl and hiss. When he came out of hiding, we noticed his ears were twitching and he was very agitated. This went on for two days and then he stopped eating and drinking. He was getting depressed and anorexic (according to our vet) – had we not taken him to the vet at midnight of the 2nd day, I don’t know what would have happened. They hydrated him and gave him a bath – today he is still a little agitated because his ears are still twitching but he is better, thank the vet. During the two days and immediately after applying the horrible stuff to our favorite animal, we washed it off a number of times, each time didn’t seem to improve his reaction. I am going to tell absolutely everyone I know to stay away from this stuff, even though only one of my cats were affected, to destroy his quality of life for a few days or until death, no animal should suffer like that. Thank you.

Purrfect timing!

I had just gone to my local “Super Wal-Mart” to see if there were any monthly type flea drops available for cats. I found Hartz flea and tick drops available in the pet supplies section. I normally buy Advantage from my vet but seeing that Hartz flea & tick medication was cheap and easily available, I thought that I would give it a try – what’s the harm, right? Just on a whim, I decided to look up Hartz products on the web in order to compare it to Advantage. I was shocked to find your website and other sites warning pet owners about the dangers of Hartz and other companies who carry similar flea & tick “medications”.

Good news: The Hartz package remains unopened and will be returned to Wal-Mart along with a roaring complaint about the product. My two dear sweet and healthy kitties are safe from this poison sold on Wal-Mart’s shelves thanks to your informative website!

Many hugs, purrs and kitty kisses to you!!!

Catherine, Poko and Blizzard

Another Cat Killed by Poison

I work for a veterinary hospital in Mobile, Alabama, and in the seven+ years I have been here, I have seen many cats killed by this poison. I have also seen cats NOT die from it, but for all intents and purposes, it may have been better if they had. The neurological damage from this product is unreal.

I read the statement by Hartz before I wrote this, and I hope that people will get the word out about it until it is no longer on the market.

The cat I mentioned in the title was a sweet little girl named Angel, who was brought to our hospital in the middle of the night Thursday. Her owners unknowingly applied Hartz on her, thinking it was safe. She lingered for about 12 hours, as we did all we could to help her, but it wasn’t enough. I only wish the manufacturers of this horrible stuff could see what we see, as these kitties have seizure after seizure, and run temps of 106+.

I hope I never see this again, but until this product is completely off the market, I have a feeling I will.

Acute Liver Trauma–

My 9 year old male cat, Chicken, nearly died from an application of Hartz Flea and Tick Drops Plus. Approximately three days after application, I noticed that he was extremely listless, had apparently had very bad diarrhea, and that his urine was extremely thick and a very dark brown. I immedately took him to the vet, where he was hospitalized for two days on IV fluids and antibiotics.
The vet did a complete examination and blood tests, and initially she was puzzled as to the cause. She told me that he had suffered an extreme acute liver trauma, and that as far as she could determine, “It’s almost like he was poisoned.” I had used these flea drops for years, and hadn’t considered them as the culprit until she said that. I told her that I’d applied them recently, and she immediately and without hesitation decided that the flea drops were the cause.
I contacted Hartz Mountain consumer relations, who provided me with a case number and has stated that they will reimburse me for the vet bill, but that seems like such a small gesture for nearly killing my cat. I wanted to post this because I want people to know that Hartz is selling poison. Thank you
Daniel Stauss
Conroe, TX

Slow Pain

Cheeto is the name, a cat suffering from fleas, then before you’d know it, death from HARTZ. The cat would foam at mouth, lose strength to walk, and twitch his tail. The cat would groan, wet his self, then just die over two days. The cat wouldn’t eat, drink, and smelt dead. Right when the cat went into the car to the vet he took his last breath and all I wish is peace among all who are victims.

my cat’s reaction to hartz

My cat and best freind, Toonces, became violently ill due to HARTZ and their refusal to correct a dangerous product! Toonces was fine for 4-5 hrs., and all of a sudden he was jerking around the house, eyes dilated, and was whimpering in addition to panting and looking at me for help. Toonces immed. became violent and cornered me in the kitchen and growled, hissed, and swatted! I was so worrid that I called the vet and took him to the animal hospital at 2 am. They bathed him, monitored him and then released him 5 hrs. later. He came home and 1 hr. later the exact same thing occurred. Took him to the vet and they bathed him again, gave him an IV for fluids and then some medicine (of course – I spent $500). Poor Toonces was scared for 2 days later, I suffered extreme nervousness, lack of sleep and was crying for 2 days – I hadn’t heard any hartz stories and had never used the product before – NEVER AGAIN. I have another cat that was also given the product at the same time and in addition to taking care of Toonces, I bathed Lazybones at least 4-5 x. PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN TO GET THE WORD OUT – HARTZ ALMOST KILLED MY CAT!!!!