This Website Saved a Friend’s New Kitten!!

Hello again:

After I found this website, I told everyone I work with at the veterinary hospital, and downloaded and printed all pertinent info for the techs, as well as the doctors. All have said that they are going to show clients the info.

I happened to have an extra copy in my purse when I went to a friend’s house to meet his brand new kitten. He had recently adopted a kitten from a local shelter, and although the shelter said he was about 4-5 weeks old when adopted, he weighs less than a pound and I really don’t think he’s over about 3&1/2 weeks old, maybe 4 at the most, and has been living with my friend for a week!!!!!

My friend said he knew that the kitten was too young to have flea drops applied, but he had gotten some powder. When I asked him what kind, and he said “Hartz”, I almost choked. I ran to my purse, got the info out, and showed him all the horrible things that had happened to GROWN cats, as well as DOGS, not to mention baby kittens.

He immediately took the poison back to the store, got his money back, and came home to kiss his little treasure over and over again. He won’t be buying Hartz ever again, and neither will anyone else I know, If I have anything to do with it:O)

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