Hartz products poisoned my parents Cat

I am a respite care provider for my younger brother who has Cerebral Palsy, and take care of him 3-4 times a week. Well, I went to work yesterday thinking I would be spending the day with him, painting and working on art projects. Instead I ended up running my parents cat to the vet.
The night before last my folks gave Sammy a dose of Hartz flea and tick 4 in 1 drops. Now, they have never administered this OTC flea treatment before, they have always used Advantage, but being that money is tight for them right now, my dad purchased a box of the Hartz treatment. I guess my mom also put a collar on him too before they went to bed.
That night my mom said she heard Sammy running around the house trying to get his collar off.
When I got to work yesterday morning, I noticed Sammy was acting weird. I took the collar off for him, and he was really really clingy. He does this little hop when he wants attention, so he was hopping all over the house. I noticed that he was breathing heavily, and he also had shortness of breath. I had heard some bad things about Hartz in the past, so I told my mom and we called the vet. She informed us that the drops and collar that was administered to Sammy had been recalled! She also told us to bring him in immediately. We couldnt do that because mom didnt have any money, so the vet told us to give him a very thorough scrub and rinse, which we did. He seemed to feel better after the shower, but then he started growling and snapping at us, he even bit me! His breath was still short and he had terrible tremors.
SO… I drove Sammy to the Vet and paid for the treatments that he needed. I had to leave him there for a few hours while the Vet administered an IV with fluids, and valium for his tremors. I picked him up at 5, and he was still pretty doped up, but he seemed to be showing signs of improvement.
I got on the web and did some research about this Hartz recall, and found some scary stuff. I also found this site that I was happy to find because I know Sammy isn’t the only beloved pet that Hartz has sickened.
My Dad purchased these procuts on Base, so hen my dad called the base commisary to report the recall and he wanted his money back, the commissary manager said he did not know about a recall on the product. How could he not know!? Don’t you think the commissary, being on a military base, that caters to military families, would have gotten a memo? What if I didn’t go to work yesterday and take sammy to the Vet? He could have gone into seizures or even worse!
I left work with my folks reading articles in the internet about the recall and hte affects of Hartz products on many cats and dogs.
I am furious that these products are being sold, and in more upscale places likt PetSmart even! How many pets have to die for Hartz to take notice that thier products are dangerous?
Thank the Lord Sammy is doing Ok, I don’t know what we would have done if something had happened to him.


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