Hartz product killed my dog.

This was an email that I sent out to everyone that I had an email address for. It basically summarizes my story:

If you own a pet and/or care about animals please do not ignore this email. The Hartz Mountain Corporation (aka Hartz) is producing products that are killing animals and most people are not aware of this. I was one of those people until I lost my dog, DOG, because of the Hartz Flea and Tick drops that were purchased from Petsmart. Not too long after the drops were applied to DOG, he began to get very sick. He was foaming excessively at the mouth, vomiting, and having trouble walking. My father rushed him to the vet not knowing what was wrong. After some questioning, my father revealed to the vet that he had administered the Hartz product on DOG. The vet told my father that he had seen many cases like this and that this product was poisonous. Not all animals react the same–some get sick and some don’t, but the bottom line is that it is killing people’s pets. DOG died that night despite the efforts of our vet.

I started doing some research online and discovered that the drops produced by Hartz are not the only things that have been killing pets. The collars and powder have also made pets severly sick, if not killed them. You can see personal accounts of this on the following website: www.hartzvictims.org. I have found entries on www.ripoffreport.com as well.

It seems that Hartz refuses to acknowledge that their products are killing people’s pets. Large companies such as Walmart and Petsmart continue to stock these products on their shelves despite consumer complaints about the how the product is lethal. I could not just sit by and let the cause of DOG’s death be ignored. Please, please spread this email around and let others know about these horrible products that are out there. No animal deserves to endure what DOG went through in the name of flea control.
I have a family member who is in law and has offered to help me if I decide to sue Hartz. I am on the fence about this because I am not the type of person to go around suing, but at the same time I really want to make a point with Hartz. Has anybody tried to sue this company? And if so, what was the outcome?

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