Hartz Flea and tick products gave my cat convulsions

I gave my 13 week old kitten a drop of medicine between her shoulder blades. It was already measured out and was for kittens 12 weeks and older. Shortly after, my kitten’s ears and legs began twitching. I got scared and washed off the medicine, but she just got worse. My kitten couldn’t open her eyes, and when i put her on the ground she couldn’t stand, she was just convulsing furiously. I called Petco, where I got the medicine, and they said to me, “This is why I wish we didn’t sell that stuff.” My husband took my kitten to the emergency vet, which is where she is now. I can’t believe it is legal to sell something that could cause this much damage to my cat. I wish Petco would have at least warned me, since the man I spoke to seemed fully aware this could happen to my cat. But I had no warning and now my kitten is in terrible pain. This product is inhumane and should be taken off the market!!

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