Unexplained Coughing

I used Hartz OneSpot on my 6 cats one time – about 3 years ago – all of them foamed at the mouth and ran around like they were mad! None of them were seriously ill, though, thank God. One of my kitties, Jowe, did develop a large itchy red area on his back that was hot to the touch for about a month. We washed it and used hydrocortisone spray on it to help him. A few months later, he started coughing, like he had a hairball, but nothing ever came up! This continues to happen, even three years later – the vet can’t explain it, and can’t find anything wrong with him. He’ll go through stages where he’ll cough for several minutes for days, and then be fine for weeks.

Has anyone ever had an experience like this from using a Hartz product?

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