Two days ago my husband applied the flea repellant to our two cats. One of them seemed his crazy self but the other who is usually very active began to hide and growl and hiss. When he came out of hiding, we noticed his ears were twitching and he was very agitated. This went on for two days and then he stopped eating and drinking. He was getting depressed and anorexic (according to our vet) – had we not taken him to the vet at midnight of the 2nd day, I don’t know what would have happened. They hydrated him and gave him a bath – today he is still a little agitated because his ears are still twitching but he is better, thank the vet. During the two days and immediately after applying the horrible stuff to our favorite animal, we washed it off a number of times, each time didn’t seem to improve his reaction. I am going to tell absolutely everyone I know to stay away from this stuff, even though only one of my cats were affected, to destroy his quality of life for a few days or until death, no animal should suffer like that. Thank you.

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