Leo my Lion

Title Leo my Lion
I am a single parent of three children and we run on a very tight budget. When I awakened around 5:50 am on June 26, 2005 I found my cat Leo meowing, not his usual meow, and twitching. Then he slide off my bed and in the basket at the foot of my bed where he laid very still. Thinking that he might be dying I started calling as many vets I could that might be open so early and on a Sunday finally finding one. My children and I got in the car with Leo and drove to the vet.( I don’t leave my kids without a sitter). When we got there we told the vet that we had given him Hartz flea medication.The vet nodded his head and said that Leo’s seizure and the twitching plus the loss of control of his left paw was caused by the Hartz flea medication. Then as the doctor was about to start his IV, Leo had more seizures. What a horrible sight for my kids to see . My kids and I were frightened. Then the doctor rushed Leo into the back room while still suffering from the seizures and quickly got him on muscle relaxers. Then the assistant vet came out will the bill. She said depending on how many more seizures Leo had the cost could be any where from $519 dollars to $979 dollars plus the fee just to bring him in and the injections they had already given him. I only had $270 dollars to give to vet. I had to borrow money from my children. Then I had to borrow money from other people too. I think that the Hartz company should not be allowed to l product that can cause seizures or even kill an animal. If I had known what a Hartz porduct could do I would have never bought their product and I wouldn’t have to pay such a hefty fee. There is also the poor animals trauma as well as ours. Putting the cat to sleep was not an option. Hopefully Leo will make it through healthy and in no pain.

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