Another Cat Killed by Poison

I work for a veterinary hospital in Mobile, Alabama, and in the seven+ years I have been here, I have seen many cats killed by this poison. I have also seen cats NOT die from it, but for all intents and purposes, it may have been better if they had. The neurological damage from this product is unreal.

I read the statement by Hartz before I wrote this, and I hope that people will get the word out about it until it is no longer on the market.

The cat I mentioned in the title was a sweet little girl named Angel, who was brought to our hospital in the middle of the night Thursday. Her owners unknowingly applied Hartz on her, thinking it was safe. She lingered for about 12 hours, as we did all we could to help her, but it wasn’t enough. I only wish the manufacturers of this horrible stuff could see what we see, as these kitties have seizure after seizure, and run temps of 106+.

I hope I never see this again, but until this product is completely off the market, I have a feeling I will.

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