Acute Liver Trauma–

My 9 year old male cat, Chicken, nearly died from an application of Hartz Flea and Tick Drops Plus. Approximately three days after application, I noticed that he was extremely listless, had apparently had very bad diarrhea, and that his urine was extremely thick and a very dark brown. I immedately took him to the vet, where he was hospitalized for two days on IV fluids and antibiotics.
The vet did a complete examination and blood tests, and initially she was puzzled as to the cause. She told me that he had suffered an extreme acute liver trauma, and that as far as she could determine, “It’s almost like he was poisoned.” I had used these flea drops for years, and hadn’t considered them as the culprit until she said that. I told her that I’d applied them recently, and she immediately and without hesitation decided that the flea drops were the cause.
I contacted Hartz Mountain consumer relations, who provided me with a case number and has stated that they will reimburse me for the vet bill, but that seems like such a small gesture for nearly killing my cat. I wanted to post this because I want people to know that Hartz is selling poison. Thank you
Daniel Stauss
Conroe, TX

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