I just adopted two kittens. They were both infected with ear mites. Thinking that products over the counter were safe, I bought HARTZ ear mite treatment. Boy was I wrong. Almost immediatly my kittens were sluggish , tired and almost seemed blind. They were running into walls, swaying side to side while they sat, it seemed like they couldn’t hold there own head up. I didn’t know if this was normal but I had a feeling it wasnt. I watched them closely for a couple of hours. All they did was sleep. Finally I picked them up. Poor Chopper was shaking and started to urinate while I was holding him. My other kittens symptoms were not as severe. I called a 24 hour vet and they then told me that the active ingredient PYRETHRINS can be fatal to cats and kittens. The Dr. told me to wash them off with dawn soap and bring them in right away. Chopper died a couple of hours later. He was brain dead. Thank God my other kitten pulled through. HARTZ did kill my kitten. The next morning I called HARTZ and they treated me like I was an isolated case. I called other local vets and they had alot of the same sad stories to tell about other pets. Now this website with so many other horror stories . WHEN IS ENOUGH GOING TO BE ENOUGH !!!!!! Thanks for listening. Stephanie Gross

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