my cat’s reaction to hartz

My cat and best freind, Toonces, became violently ill due to HARTZ and their refusal to correct a dangerous product! Toonces was fine for 4-5 hrs., and all of a sudden he was jerking around the house, eyes dilated, and was whimpering in addition to panting and looking at me for help. Toonces immed. became violent and cornered me in the kitchen and growled, hissed, and swatted! I was so worrid that I called the vet and took him to the animal hospital at 2 am. They bathed him, monitored him and then released him 5 hrs. later. He came home and 1 hr. later the exact same thing occurred. Took him to the vet and they bathed him again, gave him an IV for fluids and then some medicine (of course – I spent $500). Poor Toonces was scared for 2 days later, I suffered extreme nervousness, lack of sleep and was crying for 2 days – I hadn’t heard any hartz stories and had never used the product before – NEVER AGAIN. I have another cat that was also given the product at the same time and in addition to taking care of Toonces, I bathed Lazybones at least 4-5 x. PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN TO GET THE WORD OUT – HARTZ ALMOST KILLED MY CAT!!!!

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