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I usually use Frontline or Advantage but was working late last night and couldn’t get to the vet. I stopped at WalMart and picked up Hartz 3 in 1 Flea and Tick Drops for my cat. I honestly thought it was the SAME THING! She scratched the area a few times and besides a VERY unpleasant odor she seemed fine. Within a few hours she was acting a little strange, though I took no notice at the time. She seemed especially “needy”: sitting on my lap more; rubbing and whining. She had some more-intense-than-usual manic episodes later the next day.

24 hours later, guess what? She was still infested with fleas. Frontline and Advantage have always killed them by now… sooo I decided to do research on the active ingredient “Phenothrin”. I am absolutely horrified by what I am reading. Not just here but many many many pages from reputable veterinary sources. Now her weird behavior is suddenly explained. She never had the extreme symptoms that are described in some of these posts, but she IS having symptoms! I wonder how many cats are out there having minor symptoms and their owners just think they are being strange? What cats aren’t now and then? She had a long bath this evening and I intend to observe her very closly over the next few days.

Moral of the story: The Hartz products are obviously causing problems and they DON’T EVEN WORK. I just pulled a flea off of my cat’s face just a few minutes ago.

The very fact that they have PULLED the product at the request of the EPA but are STILL SELLING IT until 2006 makes me ill.

Jennifer in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

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