Same bad reaction from zodic flea and tick spray

I was doing some research after a bad experience I had and stumbled apon this website…. In reading some of your stories I found that my cat had the same reaction that your pets did. I used the zodiac flea and tick spray on my 4 year old cat, and that same night he started acting funny….. hiding, not affectionate, his fur looked horible but I just thought he was angry, and that that was what the product did to the fur. The next morning he looked even worse, and he had started twitching especially in the ears, but again I didn’t really think anything of it, cats flick thier ears all the time. I didn’t see him again for the rest of the day (very unlike him). When I went searching for him that evening I found him lying on the floor twitching uncontrolably (later found out it was seisures he was having) He couldn’t even walk and he was foaming heavily at the mouth dripping gobs of saliva everywhere. I called the emergency vet clinic, they told me to bring him in immeidiatley, they called him a “zodiac cat” they said that they see this frequently. He had to have over 12 hours of medication (muscle relaxent through an IV) We got the IV out yesterday Mon. this happened Sat. night. He is getting better by gods grace, but is still foaming a bit at the mouth.. PLEASE, PLEASE, becarefull with other brands as well. I will never use another over the counter medication for my cat again. I am now talking to the company about getting some compansation for my vet bills, it doesn’t look to good at this point, but you never know. I thank you for this site and for helping people become aware. Hopefully other people and thier pets won’t have to suffer, because of it.

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