My beloved cats

About 2 weeks ago my husband and I noticed how bad the flea’s were eating up our cats and decided we needed to go and get flea products for them. Our cats are like children in this house so we take really good care of them but have recently had financial problems so could no longer afford the vet’s medication. We went ahead and gave them both baths and a flea dip to remove the pests as instructed by our vet. We waited 2 days after that and placed the Hartz 4 in 1 drops on the back of our cats neck as instructed on the box. We told our children not to touch the cats and if they did to immediatly wash their hands which they did. 3 days after placing the drops on the back of our cats neck my persian siamese began to become listless and my male cat began to loose all his fur and weight. We thought the reason for the changes were due to the severe heat we had been experiencing as well as the massive flea infestation that has been occuring in our part of the state. The next day my siamese, who I have had longer than my own kids, had passed away. It was very hard on me she was my baby. She has moved to 4 different states with us due to military moves and had always been a constant companion. Our male cat is still loosing his fur but is no longer loosing wieght but we have been told that his exposure was enough that he will probably not make it. We were never notified of a recall, our vet’s no nothing about the recall and the product is STILL being sold in Pet-Co and Walmart with no warning on it. Because of the fact that Hartz is not abiding by the EPA ruling we have pretty much lost 2 members of our family that will never be replaced. I cannot believe that nothing had been done to have this product removed from the shelf. The only reason we found out about the Recall was because my husband was trying to find out more inforamtion about flea removal and stumbled on an article that briefly mentions the recall on Hartz. What will be done to assure the safety of famliy memebers and their pets? What is my family going to do now that we have lost one beloved animal and are sitting here watching another fail in health? Will a lawsuit against Hartz be the only way to gaurantee all’s safety?? I hope something will done so no other family has to deal with the loss that we have.

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