Hartz strikes yet again

I have 2 indoor cats and 2 indoor dogs. On Monday, June 13,2005, my husband had purchased Hartz Flea and Tick liquid for cats, knowing that the fleas would soon be visible. He applied the Hartz to the back of their shoulder. Around 3:25 a.m. on Tuesday, we were woke up by noise coming from the bathroom area. We
got up to investigate when we saw “fluffy” flopping around in the bathroom out of control. It looked like she was going nuts. At that time we noticed she was foaming at the mouth and slinging it everywhere. My husband grabbed fluffy by the nap of the neck, she went limp. He immediately put his jeans on and took
fluffy to an all night emergency vet clinic. While my husband was on his way to the emergency vets with fluffy, I noticed that the older cat was acting really strange. I called my husband immediatlely on his cell phone to let him know that “Sandy” also was acting the same as “Fluffy”. We had given both cats the same treatment for fleas. That is the only thing these 2 cats had in common.
These cats are kept in different rooms, eat out of different bowls, use separate liter boxes. They do not socialize with each other what-so-ever. Both were having convulsions, foaming at the mouth. Almost dying. Our vet immediately tranquilized both cats and had to administer IV’s and antibiotics for several hours. We almost lost both cats and we would have if we had waited any longer than we did. These cats were suffering and something needs to be done about this. It had cost us $285.00 to save both cats, which was worth it considering the alternative.
But something needs to be done. How many cats/dogs have to die before something is done to this company? This is inhumane and needs to be stopped.
It’s a real shame and it’s sad to know that millions of people out there do not know that these products are KILLERS! How do we get the word out there? How can the people at the Hartz Corporation sleep at night knowing they are killing these helpless animals?

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