Hartz nearly killed my cat, I’m in debt

I used the Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick killer on my 3 year old cat, Rose, last August 2004 . It was the worst mistake of my life. The next morning, she was very sick, vomiting, and almost totally unable to move. My kids were very upset and crying, so I took her to the vet here in town, and after spending $450 was told she’d die from kidney failure quickly if not sent to the Auburn College Veterinary Hospital 60 miles away. After surgery and a week long stay, I had to charge the $2,300 bill to a credit card to save my beloved kitty. She is a part of my family, so of course I did it. Now I’m in debt, having a hard time paying this off all because of Hartz’s negligence and lack of concern. What angers me most is seeing all the stories of Hartz victims that happened long before my cat’s encounter. Hartz knew of these kinds of problems before this even happened to my cat and kept selling this product anyway because all they cared about was making money. In my opinion, this is just plain evil. I’ll never buy another Hartz product again, I’ve even heard heard the flea shampoo is dangerous! I’m also spreading the word as far as I can to save other pets and pet owners from what I went through. The emotional suffering is as bad as the bill.

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