Hartz flea collar deaths 18 years ago

About 1987 I had three healthy cats and bought all of them Hartz 3-in-1 flea collars. Within a week, two were dead and one was barely hanging on (he survivied). I was in shock and my vet said that there had been a number of complaints about deaths from Hartz flea collars. When I did some research (before the great WEB) to find out more information, I found that Hartz had issued a statement saying that the percentage of deaths because of the collars was not significant compared to the number of animals using them. I wrote them and told them that 2/3 of my cat population had died and that that was a large percentage to me. Guess what they sent me?! Coupons for free Hartz flea collars! Go figure.

Since that time, I have not purchased any HARTZ products and never will. It doesn’t surprise me that they are still peddling poisons today. Hartz is a VERY irresponsible company when it comes to the health of our pets. Thank GOD for the web today to broadcast this latest information to many pet owners. And thank you all for caring about your pets.


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