Flea Drops

Last fall we took in a female cat we believe was abandoned by her family. She was pregnant and had five kittens.

We realized shortly after they were born they had fleas and we began to treat the environment and wait until we could threat them. We purchased over the counter Hartz flea treatments, which were applied to the back of the neck.

Within 15 minutes, the kittens began vomitting and looked very sick. I immediately got on the Internet and found this, along with other websites regarding Hartz products. We immediately rushed the cats to the bath tub and washed them with soap and water. Luckily it worked, and the kittens stopped vomitting and began to feel better.

I was lucky enough to get on the net and find out what was going, so I we could take actions. I can’t imagine what would have happened if we had not got this stuff washed off in time.

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