Battle with Fleas turns deadly for dogs and cats!

A week after getting Duncan, a cairne terrier puppy, I moved into a new apt. that turned out to be infested with fleas. The prior apt. dewellers had a flea problem that went unreported due their trying to get around the pet weight restriction.
Anyways, it was 10 pm at night when I took Duncan over to our new home.
I freaked out when he went into the back bedroom to become covered with swarming fleas. I ran up to Super Kmart and carefully (so I thought) selected a flea product I could use on a nine week old pup. According to the Hartz label on the Flea and tick spray, it could be used on puppies over 6 weeks old. It even broke down how many sprays would be needed for a terrier. Well that night I put it on him and we went to bed.

The next morning Duncan had diraherra, I thought it was due to the treat I gave him for being such a good boy the night before. Then about an hour or so later he began throwing up and acting unusually tired. I rushed him to our vet we had just met the week before. His heart rate had dropped down and he didn’t want to eat or drink.

The vet had to basically give him an aderline shot and a shampoo to strip off the Hqartz spray I had used. That was when the vet told me about Hartz. Next time I use anything over the counter for Duncan I am calling to check with my vet!

I called Hartz to complain. They told me that it was a rare reaction that happened to my Duncan. The labels have been recently modified to read the product should not be used on puppies under 12 weeks. I pointed out my label was their old one listing the product as usable on puppies older than 6 weeks. They said the product with the old labels are still good and that the label’s age requirements change was conducted by all companies making flea products. Hartz stated that since the product’s reactions are just rare side effects in dogs (and that cats are naturally sensitive creatures) these products with the old label do not need to be recall.So that is why the old label is still on shelves. I think this is stupid and danagerous.

Hartz people just kept telling me that my puppy had a rare reaction and they changed their labels to an age limit of 12 weeks to use. They asked me to mail them my vet bill and a statement from my vet. It is great Hartz is willing to reimburse me for my trip to the vet; however, I am concerned about the principle of what is going on rather than the money! They failed to realize that in some form they are committing false advertising since they have a product on most shevles that still contains mis-information that may prove harmful to these smaller pets! They do not seem willing to have a recall or some sign stating the new age limits. I had even felt nausated by their product after treating Duncan with Hartz Flea and Tick Spray…they need a caution label on every product of theirs that states:

Caution: We are a bunch of idots may harm you and kill your pet. Reactions are believed to be rare side effects. Possible side effects includes: nauesa, dirharrea, and death. Check out the website! for more information!

I have called Super Kmart and Super Walmart in my area and spoke to the store managers. They seemed shocked and wrote reports to their buyers and corporate headquarters. Hartz may not be disclosing information to their distributors…What do you think? I also called PETA to invite them to investigate since they are headquartered in my area.
We shall see were this will go…I want these products made safer or totally be removed from the shelves. I thought Hartz wanted to help create a better quality of living for pets not kill them!???!!! What kind of business are they in besides to make money?!
Virginia Beach, Virginia

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