In Memory of Barleycat

May2004 After being diagnosed with cat scratch fever, I decided to make sure my cats were free from fleas which carry the bartonella bacteria. I bought the flea & tick treatments from Hartz from our local Petco. After administering it to our adult cat, Barley, I noticed him acting a little lethargic. Not thinking anything of it, a few months went by, when Barley began twitching. His health continued to decline. He stopped grooming himself, he seemed to have no muscular control. His legs would give out, he had no desire to move. Over a period of a few more months, Barley lost weight, could not eat ( I spoon fed him babyfood), and he was truely dying. The Vet was at a loss for what could be wrong,after routine blood work came back normal. In March 2005, Almost 1 year later, we buried our cat Barley. We slowly watched him dying over a one year period, not knowing what could have been wrong.
After seeing a news report last Friday on a local TV station, I realized that there was a correlation betweeen Barley’s symptoms, and my administration of the Hartz Flea & Tick treatment to him.
I truly believe this is what killed my beloved pet cat Barley.
Please do not use Any Hartz products on your pets!

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