Talk To The Retailers!!!!

This is my first time submitting a message on this website–I am now officially a member and proud of it!
My concern is I’m not sure the word is totally out there regarding this “recall.” What about all the people who walk into their grocery store, etc…to buy a flea or tick product between now and when the products are supposed to be completely off the shelves?
Most likely, more cats will be seriously hurt or die between now and then. I have two cats and had I not known the history of Hartz and used their product during this “grace period” and something happened to my cats—I don’t know what I would do.
How can retailers with a conscience continue to sell these products. It’s unthinkable, which means, it’s up to us to pressure the retailers to clear their shelves now! Thank you Josh for this very informative site.
Sherman, TX

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