I hate Hartz.

I will no longer purchase any product from HARTZ. I bought that Advanced Care 3 in 1 stuff to try to help my poor cat out and get rid of her fleas…but instead of getting rid of the fleas she got extremely ill and suffered several seizures. I took her to the Vet as soon as possible and they had told me that she was lucky to be brought in at that time. She was at a borderline of life and death. Her first symptoms of being ill were lack of energy, Salivation, and Tremors( the twitching of muscles all over her body)..these symptoms occured 2 days after the product was applied onto the base of her head. There is a warning on the back of the product’s package stating that such symptoms would occur and that it only happens to a “few” certain cats. Thats such a LIE! Even the vet said he was treating many cats each week that all came in with the same problem. I can’t believe they would allow people to sell this product! My cat is doing well now. Thankfully.

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