Our cat was killed by Hartz flea medicine

We lost our sweet little Buster cat due to this killer poison, Hartz flea medicine. He seemed perfectly fine, and all of the sudden, he was sprawled out on the kitchen floor like a spider on all 4 paws laying flat as can be. He was crying and jittering. We rushed him to the emergency animal clinic where he was given oxygen and an attempt was made to save his life. The vet said that it would be best to put him down peacefully instead of suffer even more than he already has. Only a few drops of this were used. It is deadly. Do not use it on your pets. It doesn’t even kill the damn fleas, it just kills the cat. We have shed many tears for Buster and he will remain in our hearts. Why is this product still on the market and still being recommended by vets? Why did the courts rule that they had until the end of June 2005 to get this damned product labeled properly with warnings that it can cause seizures, diarea, vommiting, convulsions, and death in pets? I certainly hope that veterinarians do not persuade pet owners to use this just to make a profit off of people that trust their judgement. I can only imagine how much money has been spent and tears shed in attempts to save the lives of pets that have been killed by this product. It needs to be removed from the shelves immediately.

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