One Spot killed our beloved cat

Had we known about this site and the effects of this toxic garbage that Hartz is marketing for flea treatment, it could have saved the life of our poor cat, Booboo.
Booboo was a geriatric cat and we had a bad spring of fleas. We asked our vet about Hartz One Spot flea treatment and applied it as instructed. Within a day, Booboo was losing control of her hindquarters and bowels, and going into convulsions, spasming and twitching and frothing at her mouth. This beloved and gentle cat was my wife’s most loved companion, and this put her through hell and broke her heart. There seemed to be nothing we could do, we took her to the vet right away and the vet had heard nothing about the product or its symptoms and did not know how to treat it except emetics which only worsened it.
It was obviously poisoning but he didn’t know it was the product that had poisoned her.
To make a long story short, we lost Booboo to this toxic Hartz product and my wife had to put her down a short while later, there was nothing we could do.
By all means do NOT EVER use this product on your animals, and as I have read on this website get only the treatments from a Vet who is familiar with the problems caused by the Hartz product. It is too bad, because Hartz used to be a respected name in animal related products.

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