Ear Mite Medication Made My Kitty Sick!

I recently purchased HARTZ brand ear mite medication to treat my 6-month-old kitten’s ear mites with. After 2 doses (2 days), his ears were flaming red, and he became lethargic and sluggish. He acted like a different cat; mellowed way out, lost his appetite and clung to me.

I asked a nearby pet-supply store for advice and was literally scolded for using HARTZ, the store employee advising me to stop using the product immediately, and to swab his ears out with olive oil. She explained that one should never use HARTZ, as they made their products out of cheap material (to lighten her words), toxic toxic toxic!

Fortunately, he is ok. I will never, never use HARTZ brand anything again and would advise anyone else the same.

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