Angel’s story

Angel wasn’t quite a year old when I put the Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick drops on her. Within an hour, she was twitching, blinking her eyes very quickly, non responsive. By the time another half hour had passed, she was incoherent and uncoordinated….tipping over, falling over. I called the emergency vet and they said wash the cat and rinse her repeatedly. I did this (probably adding to both our trauma factors), and then I had a wet cat who was incoherent and uncoordinated. 24 hours of IV drugs, a $200 vet bill and we were on our way home. I was so happy to have her back that I didn’t notice the lasting effects. Now, a year after all of this, the cat still has some sort of damage, as she is still very clumsy…not at all the graceful little girl I once had.

Hartz was contacted by our local news station for their comments on the story that was run on Angel. They contacted me and asked me to submit the vet bill, which I did. They paid the bill, and paid for the unused product. However, the letter that was sent with the check was the most degrading thing I ever read. Here this supposed veterinarian was, writing to me as though I were either 5, or senile. The gist of the letter was that Hartz wasn’t responsible for the damages and how people get all sappy about their little furry friends. My children will tell you…….no Hartz products in our house ever again under any circumstances. I cast my vote for my “furry little fwends” with my purchasing power. To the Hartz paid veterinarian that wrote me the letter, my only comment is now I know where the vets that graduate in the bottom 50% of their classes go.

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